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Your dishwasher is doing something it shouldn't or not working and you think it's the electronic board that's faulty. Our advice, stop right there as you're probably wrong!

All the time and, we really do mean that we see this on a daily basis, people get some sort of issue that they can't see an obvious solution to and "assume" incorrectly that the electronic controller must be faulty.

That is simply not true in most cases.

Dishwashers, washing machines and more are packed full of parts that will break, some through wear and tear and some just as that's the nature of the beast, over time things will break or go faulty. Electronic control boards are, for the most part, actually pretty reliable things.

Where you see them blown it's often a result of something else blowing up or being shorted that's popped a component on the board so, care is required. Especially bearing in mind the cost of boards and that if you fit it, it's not returnable.

In other words, make sure that's what you actually need or it can prove to be a costly mistake!

Stopping On Program

Most comply people will get odd errors where the machine fills and does nothing or whatever and just presume the board is faulty but so many other things can cause the same symptoms.

A faulty heater, flowmeter, a motor faulty, pump error or even a simple blockage that merely needs to be cleared can cause what we see people often assumed to be a board fault. Then going on to spend the best part of £100 or more on a part that they really never needed which is an infuriating waste and not just the money.

Then again, we've seen people scrap machines as they thought it was a board when it wasn't.

Our point is that you need to check. Guessing at what the problem might be without even looking is a mug's game. And, one you'll usually lose.

How Bad Is It?

We'd say that, conservatively, about 20-30% of people that ask for a board actually need that part.

The odds of guessing that's the issue are not at all in your favour, the opposite is in fact true.

Our advice, even though we'd happily sell you a control module, is to investigate thoroughly and makes sure that is what you truly need before making a potentially very expensive mistake.

Phil James
Dishwasher Hoover HDP 1T64PW3W
I have fault EF showing on my dishwasher and a continuous bleep any idea what it might be please.

It was working perfectly before, water pumping and all seemed good?

Thanks in advance.


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