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  Gas Cooking

Gas appliances can be an extreme hazard and it is strongly inadvisable to attempt repairs yourself, please call a Gas Safe registered repairer.

Gas hob burner

If you are even vaguely hesitant about gas and cannot do a drop test DO NOT INTERFERE WITH IT! I cannot stress enough that safety around gas appliances, especially in a kitchen environment where there are naked flames and red hot electrical elements is absolutely paramount and mistakes can mean death and/or injury.

Any gas appliance is not a job for the unskilled or the DIY'r.

If you smell gas in the kitchen, isolate the appliance/s and call a qualified engineer or gas repair service, do not attempt this yourself.

All gas cookers should have a "bayonet" type fitting which, when you disconnect it (twist and pull) it acts as a safety shut off valve to the appliance. Gas hobs should (by law) have an isolation tap fitted although these are often out of sight in an adjacent cupboard or on the supply pipe to the hob somewhere. Some kitchen fitters and installers do not install these and it is highly inconvenient when things like this happen or for service and any engineer calling may have to fit one at your cost.

Please bear in mind that a gas soundness safety test is essential after any repairs.

  Gas Cooker Spares

Due to the danger presented in dealing with gas appliances it was UK Whitegoods policy to only supply spares to competent Gas Safe registered operatives. This was purely in the interest of our customers safety. This is not done through any sort of policy on trying to retain work or hinder people, we just do not feel that without proper testing after a repair that we can be sure that people have made safe. Frankly, we don't want people's safety to that degree on our conscience.

In 2014/15 we relaxed that policy as we found that most people repairing their own gas products were capable enough and, there was no reason to withhold parts from people that were able enough to do it themselves.

Should you need gas carrying spare parts please ask us about it.

  Parts We Can And Do Supply

We can and do supply any spare parts that do not involve the gas supply as these are perfectly safe normally to replace, or at least, no more dangerous than any other spare part.

So pot stands, burner caps, oven door seals, shelves and so on and perfectly okay to be supplied as normal.

It is worth noting though that some cookers and, especially, hobs DO require the gas supply to be interrupted to even access the appliance. If you're not sure please feel free to ask in the forums where one of the engineers will advise.

Gas Grill cooling fan
The cooling fan on the gas grill of my Belling range cooker (Cookcenter model 153 LPG) has stopped working. We think it may have fused the plug. We have changed to fuse on the plug and the ovens etc now work, but the fan on the grill is not working. It stopped without warning. Is it okay to continue using the grill or should we get the fan fixed?
Hi Helen,

Yes you had better get the fan fixed or you may risk further damage by using the machine.

I have a four burner table top model and my knobs are too tight. Cannot turn them. One the flame is too light. cannot do anything with it. what do I do. The Local agent has (Abans Ltd) not come to repair it
Kenneth Watt
That sounds as if the thermocouple is faulty.
Debbie Lampard
Hi, I have got a New world built in eye-level gas oven and grill. When turning the oven knob on - everything is fine, light on in oven, flame appears, leave for 15 secs. holding knob, but as soon as I release it the flame goes out and the ignition just keeps sparking. I can't see any dirt or anything in the way.
hi, got a newworld double oven model nw90gdo,problem is the main oven ,burner ignights but wont stay on ,sometimes does and doesen`t,right oven no problem.
Natalie walker
When lighting cooker flames appear when removing finger flame goes out ??? Help
Kenneth Watt
Yes you can replace the cooker knobs yourself.However you will need to check that you have the correct certification because, if you let the property you will need a safety certificate that has to be renewed every year IIRC. If you don't have that then you will be on the wrong side of the law and possibly not insured.
Hello, I need to replace cooker knobs which have simply fallen off due to wear and tear. I have a dual fuel range cooker. Can I just replace the knobs myself( they just 'push on") or do I need a professional?The cooker is in a house i let out so im trying to decide if it is better to have the cooker removed.Kindest regards

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