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As with other appliances it is not especially uncommon to hear of fridges, freezers and fridge freezers tripping the house electrics or blowing fuses and her ewe will try to explain the most common reasons and the ones that you can check for yourself before calling in a repair technician.

Please do remember electrical safety at all times and if you are unsure at all in this regard, please call in a professional as you could end up doing more harm than good.

Mains Supply

Okay this is the first thing to check.

When repair companies get called for atropine fault this is often where they will start looking for a problem as, it’s common to find it here and it’s step one in the process of elimination. After all, if there’s a problem with the electrical supply or cabling no matter how much you mess about with the fridge freezer you’ll still have the fault.

The logical thing to do therefore is ensure that the mains supply is okay.

If your fridge, freezer or fridge freezer is on an extension lead then get rid of that or try another one as these will commonly fail, especially the cheap ones.

Faulty sockets will trip electrics on any appliance let alone a fridge freezerTry another electrical item in the same socket to make sure something else doesn’t trip it or blow the fuse as well. If it does, there’s almost certainly a fault on the socket or the mains circuit and you need an electrician, not an appliance repair tech. Sockets do fail more often than people might think so, this is well worth checking.

Obviously when professional repairers check this they do it with specialist test equipment that most people will not have access to but these simple checks could get you back up and running or even save you cash and a lot of time.


No we’re not talking about the planet stuff here but where the appliance actually is.

We see a lot of freezers and chest freezers especially in unheated and often damp areas and this is very bad, aside from the risk of tripping and blowing fuses due to moisture they usually don’t work correctly in such places, even really cold kitchens in the like of old cottages and the like can be a problem.

It’s obvious though really and common sense, dampness plus electrical stuff… it’s not going to end well.

If the appliance is in an area like this or you think there’s dampness in the room that it’s in then there’s a fairly good chance that could be the problem.

The problems here are often highlighted when it gets colder or in the height of summer when refrigeration products are running hard to maintain the lower temperatures.

Click Buzz

If you get a click, buzz and the machine stops for a short time then that happens again then there’s something up with the compressor side of things.

Now that may well be a faulty start relay and klaxon assembly, could be a compressor fault and it could just be something shorting it like a mouse gnawed on some wires. At this point it’s a bit of detective work as usual to try to work out what it is that is causing the tripping or fuse to pop.

On older machines though where there’s nothing evident that seems obvious, it’s most likely the compressor that’s failed and all the more so on non frost free machines simply as there’s less to go wrong.

Thermostat Myth

Older or more basic machines with a traditional thermostat will rarely have the thermostat causing the appliance to trip or blow a fuse.

It’s not unknown of course and anything is possible but this is extremely unlikely to be a problem, like massively unlikely.

Frost Free

Once you get into the realms of frost free fridge freezers and freezers you get into a whole different world usually as these machines are far more complex and have things in them that more basic machines do not have or, usually won’t have.

One is a defrost heater, a heating element that melts the ice around the freezer evaporator usually but many American style side by side fridge freezers can have multiple heaters in them to clear ice in numerous places. Any of these should they suffer a short or a leak to earth will trip an RCD or blow a fuse.

Then there’s fan motors used to drive the air around, on a frost free machine there will be at least one but possibly more.

There’s cooling fans on some.

There’s electronics.

Valves for water and ice, ice maker motors…

You get the idea, a whole raft of other things become available depending on what machine it is, the style and much more so the list of things that could cause it to trip just grows.

Get More Fault Finding Advice

For tripping fuses and so on as well much of anything else the only way to find out where the problem lies is to test each component for problems, there’s no fast way to do it.

As with most all fault finding on appliances it is a case of test, test and test again and through a process of testing and elimination you work out what the faulty part is. This is no different.

We often see people posting in the forums things like “My fridge freezer is tripping the electrics what’s the problem?”. Well, depending on what machine it is, what parts are in it and so on it could be any number of things that cause it and you need to investigate and diagnose to find out what it is. With a vague fault description like that, most times you probably won’t get much help other than pointers on where to start looking.

But the nice folk in the forum will try to help you as much as they can so please do use the forum, it’s free and safe to use.

Please don’t ask here as the repair guys will not see your comments here most often.

Emma Jones
Hotpoint Aquarius Fridge Freezer
My hotpoint aquarius fridge freezer is just over 2 years old and has decided to stop working. It has tripped the electricity twice today then broken. I've checked the fuse and that's fine.
Mel said :
Admiral fridgefreezer is tripping the electrics , it\'s secondhand sold with no issues . Put it on it was running fine - 8/9 hrs later the electrics trip . What and how do I check things before getting a call out

Keith Miles
W/pool fridge freezers tripping electrics
As I have worked for a W/pool franchise, the main reason for electric tripping is the defrost heater, easy to fix but not for amatures. call in a qualified white goods engineer.
Michaela Robertson
Bosch fridge freezer
Hi I just moved house & my removal guy had to lay my Bosch fridge freezer down as it was to big to fit in standing. 4 hours after it had been standing my silly partner what to plug it in & below the main fuse box for all the plugs. So he changed the fuse & tried again & it did same. So I told him to leave it. So now it\'s been left standing for 12 hours over night & it\'s done same thing but from different plug socket.
Beko A+ class
I recently moved my fridge freezer (let it stand for 12hrs) and when I plugged it in. THE PLUG BLEW UP. Leaving black burn marks on the attention cable...
Any suggestions as to why would be greatfu─║ly appreciated. As I don\'t really what to have to buy a new one...

hotpoint fridge freezer not circulating air
Hi, Hotpoint fridge freezer (STF 200 WP) is not holding temp. I have replaced the fan in the freezer that I think circulates the air and the condenser inside the freezer is cold and keeps icing up. Did I need to buy a new unit or is economically repairable? Thanks!
My admiral American fridgefreezer is tripping the electrics
Admiral fridgefreezer is tripping the electrics , it\'s secondhand sold with no issues . Put it on it was running fine - 8/9 hrs later the electrics trip . What and how do I check things before getting a call out
Defrost heater perhaps?
Kate Large
Fridge freezer
Indesit fridge freezer has blown the trip swich. Tried changing the fuse and light bulb. Still not working

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