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A recurrent problem in the Public Forums concerns the above washers throwing water out and generally banging around.

A brief explanation of how the motor works is called for. These are carbon brush motors, comprising a set of field coils around the outside of the motor and a live armature revolving in the middle. The carbon brushes are mounted in plastic holders and rub against the commutator (ring of copper strips) on the armature. The motor additionally has a tacho generator mounted on the end of the motor. This comprises a small coil, with a magnet mounted on the end of the armature. The signal sent back by this device is interpreted by the electronics and used to control motor speed.

Zanussi generally use motors from four manufacturers; FHP or AEG, CESET and ZEM or SOLE.

The last motor is the one which causes the problems. The magnet is retained by a plastic screw; over time it can loosen and will push the coil off the end of the motor frame. The magnet may become fully detached as well.

Zanussi, Tricity Bendix, Electrolux & AEG washing machine and washer dryer motor

Consequently, the electronics do not receive a signal when the motor is activated, instant full speed follows, water everywhere. The good news part is that the more recent machines will only do this once as the electronics decide there is a motor fault and shut it down.

Repair generally involves a straightforward re-assembly job, although a repair kit is available should the coil or magnet be damaged. A smear of contact adhesive will secure the magnet against further outings.

Bear in mind that that this is only one of many potential faults with the motor and its associated circuitry. Whilst this is a common problem, there are plenty of others; most will need professional diagnosis and technical repair.

Power off, of course.

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