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Flashing lights on a Hotpoint washing machine indicates a fault code

We receive loads of enquiries in the washing machine forum about washing machines from Ariston, Indesit and Hotpoint where the reported problem is that the control dial on the washing machine just turns around and around, lights, lamps or an LED will flash but the washing machine will sit and do nothing.

This is an indication that a fault has occurred on the wash cycle and the machine is displaying an error code to indicate what the problem could be. It is true to say however that, whilst this is an indication of the nature of the fault, it will not like almost any fault code, tell you exactly what the fault is or what actual component is faulty. 

The light will flash in a sequence giving a number of flashes, pause, then repeat the sequence and continue to do this until the problem is resolved. To get a full list of the fault codes please see this article for all the fault codes.

As you will see there can be no less than eighteen possible codes that can be displayed and al can be thrown up by various issues that the washing machine can detect. The article linked to above also gives the most common reasons for each fault code to be displayed.

However, it is the experience of the field engineers that not only can the components be at fault and give rise to these error codes being displayed but that the electronic controls themselves can also go faulty causing errant error codes to be thrown up. This is not usually the case but, it can happen.

  Opinion On Indesit, Hotpoint & Ariston Washing Machines

The engineers in general do not rate the electronics in these machines with them, at best, being described as problematic.

Many of the newer washing machine and washer dryer models also required to be "programmed" with the correct software for which you require either an EMIT laptop that is only available to Indesit Company engineers or, you need to have a card reader/writer that it exclusive to Indesit. 

You will see websites selling these washing machine electronic control modules but be aware that you cannot replace many of them yourself without a programmer, hence we ask people to contact us so that we can advise accordingly.

When I switch on the washing machine all the lights come on and stay on. I have unplugged and left for 10 minutes and then reconnected and all the lights remain on
hotpoint he8l493 washing machine with all lights on
hi have a hotpoint he8l493 washing machine with all lights on as soon as you plug it in and nothing will work
Aniston Front loader washing machine
My washing machine has lights flashing door door even though door is closed I can still open door if I wish but it closes but I can\'t stop error message to reset
Hi Michelle,

You will need to ask in the forums on that one but do give the model number as that can be vital to getting any help at all.

John L Watt
My Hotpoint futura HF6B 351 - All the led lights are flashing constantly and I can't get it to do anything.Thanks.
Keith Umbria
Ariston BS1400 IT washing machine had its cycle interrupted by power failure & now all programs dialled 'flash' the time of that particular program but do not work. Filter & pump drained but still no go. No fault codes displayed.Any ideas.
my domestic unplugged my ariston washing machine while still on a cycle. now machine gives ans error and when trying to do a cycle does not take in powder or softener.can it be machine is out of it's settings?
hi there, i have an Ariston AVXL88 washing machine and it stops spinning, the power led just keep on blinking, don't know what the error is, it says on the manual if the power led keeps on blinking there's something wrong with the machine....... What should i do? Anybody got an idea of what could be the problem is? or the same issue ?
Lynn Murray
Hi my hotpoomt wml720p won't drain or spin. Indicator ligjts flash done all the usual checks. Filters and hoses. Any idea what could be the problem. Help !
Edwin Bratcher
My Ariston A1637 starts up and as soon as it gets about a litre or two of water inside the drum it starts to discharge the water and the Key symbol flashes and so does the Rapid button flash and it will stand there doing that until I turn it off.Help Please

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