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We often see the question get asked to explain what causes a Bosch washing machine to stop with one minute left or display the E01, 01, 1 0r -1 error, here we explain what it is and what to check on your Bosch washer.

The E01 error displayed on a Bosch washing machine

If you are unsure, do not have the equipment or ability to test the components correctly then please use our engineer search to find a local Bosch washing machine repairs service and have a professional do it for you. Getting it wrong by guessing is probably going to be both expensive and possibly fruitless if you cannot diagnose the problem correctly.

Also remember to stay safe at all times if you do want to try to repair your own washing machine and do not work on the washer if mains power is connected. Make sure the power is off and the machien unplugged before you commence any repair work.

  Earth Leakage On Main Drive Motor

For Bosch washing machines and some washer dryers then almost always it refers to an earth leakage problem associated directly to the motor. So an insulation tester is vital in identifying any failing there. Likewise the heater needs checking.

In some rare and isolated cases a motor fault can damage the fuzzy logic circuit within the control module (PCB) though. Only after you have successfully repaired the motor fault does that issue become apparent and replacing the main control the only cure.

  • Earth leak test the main drive motor of the washing machine or washer dryer for fault
  • Check the PCB

  Wash Heater Element Fault

The washing machine will usually complete the wash cycle okay but, it will very often appear that the the washing machine it took far longer than normal to complete the program.

Obviously if the heating element is actually faulty and the water is not heating then the wash results will be poor, which could be a giveaway or clue to the problem. In any event you are advised to do the following:

  • Check the wash heater element for continuity
  • Check the heating element for earth leakage

  Other Washing Machines With The Same Error Code

This error also can affect other washing machine and washer dryer models made by Bosch including those from sibling brands Neff and Siemens as much of the patforms used are commonly shared by all three brands. It will also apply to built in or integrated washing machines and washer dryers.

Bosch exel washing machine
My washing machine socks o 1 minuet to go then try starts

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