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We have seen many people asking in the forums about Beko fridge freezers and temperature problems with them.

This is usually the normal fridge on freezer type fridge freezer and not the American style side by side ones.

What we will see is a report that the temperatures will fluctuate sometimes at random or you can get the fridge especially not cooling down enough and quite commonly freezing up.

This makes remote diagnosis quite hard in some regards but given that the bulk of the issues are with the sensors or thermistors and those are the go-to option before you do anything else.

  Bad Internet Advice

Somewhere out there in internet land there is some advice that people have been picking up on that tell them that the little electronic control board that adjust the temperature is faulty.

It’s almost certainly not.

We have no idea who’s said this but, it’s wrong.

The small board that’s mounted in at the light housing with the control knob on it is dumb really, it doesn’t do much of anything at all other than offer a user input to regulate the temperature. That is all it does.

It sends the setting to the main control board which, in turn, is fed information of the temperature in the fridge and freezer sections by the sensors. That little board that looks oh so easy to change and a tempting options, will not be the problem 99.99% of the time.

So many people have bought one, changed it and then found that there’s no difference or change.

Our advice is to not make a control board the number one option but there again, that’s our usual advice on control boards.


There are two in these units that can give trouble.

There is this evaporator sensor:

And this fridge air sensor:

Now the guys don’t mess about with them and just replace both as they’re not that expensive and sometimes you won’t be 100% sure what one is faulty although, it’s usually the fridge one.

The field technicians do that as they want a first time fix for their customer and that also don’t want to go back, that costs them money so they adopt a “belt and braces” approach and just do both to avoid that and get the customer back up and running first time. For the sake of less than £10 we can’t fault them for that.

  Testing The Thermistors

Sadly these thermistors are of the foamed in flavour which means that taking them out and bench testing them we have explained in other articles is not really possible. Sure you could do it if you really wanted to but it’s not as easy as it would usually be.

For the random temperature problems and ovnrfreezing in the fridge we’d suggest swapping out the fridge air sensor and go from there.

It’s low cost, a bit of hassle to change and proves the problem most of the time. Not all the time, but most of it.

  Changing The Thermistors

The sensors are reasonably easy to swap as far foamed in sensors go.

There’s a bit of messing about with the wiring, plugs and heat shrink but nothing that any reasonably competent DIY’r will struggle with usually.

Along with the parts we can supply the tech bulletin that goes with it if required that, in some form of English yet to be decided upon that we like to call Turklish, explains how to do it. Anyone familiar with appliance repairs and especially fridge freezers will cope easily with it.

You can see more or less the full info on our support portal here however:

If you are not up to mucking about with heat shrink and so on then we would strongly suggest that you get a repairer in to do this for you. The sensors rely on being properly sealed and correctly positioned as they read resistance values and, if moisture gets in and alters the resistance the fridge freezer will do crazy stuff.

  Beko Fridge Freezer Models

This is the bit that a pain in the backside for us!

There is no list of models published for these sensors, we need to check every single one of them every time. And, we know that these are used on a few own brand label machines for Lamona, probably others as well.

Don’t ask us why, we’ve no idea why Beko don’t list the models that these things are used on but we think it’s because that until this bulletin arrived with a way to swap them they couldn’t be changed. So, Beko we believe have been tagging the models that they can be used in on the fly as they go.

This is why that yet again we stress that if you’re not sure if a part will fit your model, contact us and ask. We’re only too happy to look into it for you and confirm the correct parts you need.

For most Beko fridge freezers you’ll find a small rating plate sticker on the inside left hand wall that has all the details on it, including the product codes.

Easiest way to do is, snap a photo of that and send it by email to us and we can then pin it down to that specific production batch and be 100% sure for you.

If you need more advice on your specific problem please use the forums and not the comments below as the technicians will not see your request here.

Beko Freezer
Freezer is showing red light:high temperatures error. What do I do? confused
If you don't want to cut holes in your fridge simply attach a mechanical segment timer to the power point and set 30mins on 30 off and bypass bekos crappy sensors,I've been running my beko like this for over 5 years now and it works a treat and costs the cost of the timer.ta da
Adam Foster
Where did you get yours from ?
Paul Smith
Hi. Beko fridge freezer model number CA7015FFS1 fridge is freezing anything in it even with temp set to minimum. Help please.
how does the thermostat work ?
I've got an NF771 and need to know if the thermostat numbers are high for the fridge to be at a higher temperature in the fridge or low for a higher temp in the fridge
James Gallacher
Beko a class Fridge Freezer
Hi The Top Half Of My Fridge Freezer is Iced Up model no. cda539fb what is the cause
James Gallacher.

Blomberg fridge freezer
Kgm9680 I believe it is a beko type and I am looking for the foamed in sensor in the fridge many thanks
Beko fridge freezer CDA539FW-2

I have a Beko fridge freezer model CDA539FW-2. What I can see is that the back of the fridge has a layer of ice and the fridge area is far too cold and freezes the food and drinks. The freezer is also very cold. Could you tell me which part I need to replace and advise on how to replace it?

Kind regards

It can be one of two, shown here:

Air sensor

Fridge sensor

Tom Thornton
Beko Air Sensor
I have a Beko fridge freezer model CDA648FS/1 with what I think is a failed air sensor. The top half of the back of the fridge has a layer of ice and the compartment is far foo cold.
Can you tell me what model sensor I need to purchase for this fridge ?
Tom Thornton

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