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This is a fairly common problem that people will often have with their tumble dryer irrespective of what make it happens to be and here we will run you through the most common issues that will cause that fault to happen.

Drive Belt

We’d guess that this one was fairly obvious to most people but there are a few tips to help you here. But this is the No1 reason for this problem without a doubt.

If the belt snaps (most likely due to overloading) then you will still hear the motor running if you listen carefully only, it’ll run faster than normal and be a bit more of a high pitched whine as it zips round far faster than it would normally with the load of the belt and drum on it.

Normally it’ll simply be a case of replacing the busted belt and off you go again although on some tumble dryers replacing the belt is a proper pain, see the articles on that topic below for more.

Tumble dryer belts snapping

More info on tumble dryer belts with service notes

Motor Problems

The next most common issue that will cause this faulty is that the motor is in some way not doing what it should. Now that could be a faulty motor of course but, if we’re honest, that’s not at all a common fault to come across. With the exception of a few models that seem plagued with motor issues, perhaps they might even be Korean in origin.

But for the most part motors in dryers aren’t taking a lot of abuse and will generally not fail, usually lasting longer than the tumble dryer in general.

What does fail here is the motor start/run capacitor?

This small capacitor or condenser can all too often be found pinned to the side of the motor or around it somewhere and if that goes then the result is, no motor action and the dryer will just sit there looking and sounding a little bit sad.

Control Board

Again not common and not the go-to if you happen to have a drum action issue with a tumble dryer but, it is possible.

On many modern tumble dryers that are electronically controlled (because people appear to want flashing lights, displays and timers) there will be a small relay on the board normally although it can be a separate item on some models that flick back and forth to kick the motor on and off or make it change direction.

If that pops then you replace the board for most or the relay.

Other Stuff

On a few models there can be more things that can cause the drum not to turn in your tumble dryer but really, that’s not common at all and for the models that can have other things we’d strongly suggest that it was time to pass on trying to repair it yourself.

For 95%+ of the time, it’ll be the belt that needs to be changed or the motor capacitor. Much of anything else is probably more involved than most people want to get and, probably getting on for more than the dryer is worth to repair in many instances although obviously not all.

Tumble dryer
The drum will not turn at the start
If you push the drum to start turning it It will go quite happily
This happens weather the drum is empty or full

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