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  Common Problems On Installation

Unfortunately washing machines are the single worst cause of calls being generated where the customer has either not read the instruction or not understood them when the machine is installed.

Please be very aware that if you call the manufacturer service and they call out to your machine and find one of the following faults it will most likely not be covered by warranty and you will be charged for any remedial work required, if the engineer can do it. And, even if he cannot rectify the installation issue, you will still be charged. So reading this article and your instruction book thoroughly could not only get your washing machine up and running faster, it could also save you a hefty call charge.

It is astonishing how many people do not do some simple checks and then very often get most upset when the bill is presented for their carelessness. Please, please check the obvious before you call out an engineer.

The following should serve as a quick guide of the general do and do nots.

If you are calling for a washing machine repair please check the following:

If your machine has a filter have you checked it is clear?

If the machine fills when it's switched off then check your plumbing particularly if it is filling with dirty water refer to your user guide and see this article on the subject.

Generally speaking the above will be what we call "backfilling"and the water that is in the machine is because of the drain which is installed incorrectly.

Does your machine stop before it spins on a delicate cycle, if so read your handbook and see if this is a "rinse & hold" program - it probably is!

If your washing machine or washer dryer smells please Click here for more information

  If your washing machine has just been installed

New installations are 90%+ of the time there is no fault with the washing machine but with the installation so if you did it yourself double and triple check before picking up the phone.

Your washing machine and it vibrates - check your flooring, wooden flotation floors may need extra rigidity. Another common error is that the transit packaging has not been removed properly or fully, please read the installation instructions carefully and remove only what they say to remove.

If the washing machine leaks check you hoses and installation - but do not over-tighten the fill hoses you need only tighten them hand tight then a quarter turn any more and you may snap them!

Get out your instruction book and check it. This is backfilling. If the machine fills with clear, clean water then there is most likely a water inlet valve faulty.

A washing machine fill valve, there is no way for dirty water to enter the machine here, it has to come from the drainWater comes out the soap box compartment - this is easily cured it is only that the volume of water entering the appliance is too high simply turn down the water valve that your machine is connected to.

It can also be caused by a soap drawer blockage, often in the hose that connects the soap drawer to the outer tub of the washing machine. If this gets blocked, very common, then you may require an engineer but try taking the soap drawer out, clean thoroughly and then pour boiling hot water into the drawer being VERY careful not to scold yourself. If this doesn't cure it you need an engineer to put it right.

Not filling with hot water - believe it or not most modern appliance do not require hot water and it is cheaper to heat the water in the machine than to even take it from a combi-boiler water heating system! If this is your complaint please ask your service provider for assistance.

There are many other simple errors and thing that you can try yourself before an engineer needs to attend but it's best to speak to use the forums to get more specific advice. 

Other than these faults call an engineer.

As with all electrical appliances, if you are unsure then DO NOT attempt a repair yourself. you could injure yourself or anyone that uses the washing machine!

Steve Manson
Hi, my hotpoint first edition washing machine works as it should except that it now won't spin, it just turns slowly as if it is going to spin but just eventually finishes the cycle without the spin.Can you offer any advice? The machine is about seven years old and has never missed a beat before now.Many thanksSteve Manson

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