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  Visitors Outside The UK

Whilst UK Whitegoods was started as a, more or less, UK specific website we openly welcome users from all over the world.

We recieved so many enquiries and requests for help from all over the world to that end for the US, AU and the EU on 08 June 2004 we put in place some International Forums for use by guests from around the world. We freely admit that this was just us dipping our proverbial toes in the international waters.

Where site admin, the moderators or the trade can possibly help you, they will try to assist in any way possible whenever and wherever they can.

If you are from another country or continent please let us know and we will try to help if there is interest in a forum for the specific region or country. You can use the "Feedback" feature on the menu on the left to do this and, please, in English as a lot of my foreign language skills leave a lot to be desired will we say!

Or even leave a message in the general public forums, but please let us know. We will do what we can to help you.

Anyway, enjoy the site we are constantly scouring the globe looking for news and articles relating to the industry so if you feel you have anything of interest feel free to submit it for publication.

  Non UK Trade Users

It is harder for us to verify trade status from people outside the UK but, it's usually no great problem. Just requires a little more effort is all.

You are welcome to use the forums though just as UK trade members would.

What we have seen over the years is more and more "European" type appliances finding their way to all corners of the globe, even if a globe doesn't have corners really but, we digress.

The point is there's a bunch of Euro boxes out there in Asia, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and goodness knows where all else.

That stuff we know. We can probably help you so long as we can access the information on them and see what you're looking at. Even without that, we will normally be able to give you a steer on what to be looking at.

Often times we will even see stuff sold in the UK find its way to other regions, intentionally or otherwise.

Point is, we can often help you and UKW is just another tool you can use to get a bit of support or advice from.

And in the end, what have you to lose by registering and asking? It's free, costs you not a penny other than the time to do it.

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