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  Employment Advertising

There are ways to advertise for staff on UKW as well as for staff to advertise for jobs.

Generally for this we would advise using the forums if you wish to be contacted through the site and this is very easy should you wish to use the forums for this purpose please see the relevant one.

There will be a post there giving the general rules about job-hunting using UKW.

This free service is only available to trade members with standing and that are small independent companies, less than three employees generally. If you are do not fit that criteria please ask before posting as unauthorised adverts will be deleted.

This is a totally free service that UKW provides and as such comes with no warranty whatsoever other than that of total discretion in these matters.

  Advertising Jobs In The Forums

When advertising for jobs or training where it is allowed we do ask that you refrain from multiple posts as we'll only delete the duplicates anyway. 

Likewise if you are an individual within in the industry and wish to seek employment please feel free to advertise that your services are available. When you do please give only the skills that you cover and the general area that you will work within, engineers in particular are almost always in demand in most areas of the country.

  Commercial Advertising

Manufacturers etc. are more than welcome to post up advertisements when looking for staff even at management level as there will probably be a few candidates here reading these pages.

However we view this and agency advertising as commercial and there are charges for the placement of such advertisments.

Our determination of whether an advert is commercial or not is final.

For help or advice on any of the above or should you wish to remain totally anonymous please contact site admin and we will endeavour to assist you in the best way possible. Any approaches made for staff in this way is strictly confidential and no details will be released of any nature unless UK Whitegoods is specifically told that it can do so.

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