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  Our Take On Privacy

We get asked a fair bit about the privacy rights on UK Whitegoods so we thought that we would clarify just how we deal with accounts and your privacy.

First of all we do not and will not never pass on your details to a third party after the sign up process.

All we need is a VALID email address as you have to confirm the account yourself. Should you choose to hide your email address we will not, under any circumstances, pass this onto a third party without your express consent.

This means that, in effect, only the admin team will know who you are or be able to contact you if you so choose other than the username you use on the site.

  Your Privacy & Security

Our policy is very simple really, we believe that everyone has a right to privacy and anonymity if that is their desire on the site and we tend to be pretty fanatical about that.

Many people wish their true identity hidden due to some of the adverse comments that they make, not rude in any way but certainly at time they could potentially provoke a backlash. We respect that and the rights of the individual to remain anonymous.

However, by the same token, account holders that wish to be known are more than welcome to do so on the site and we will not stand in the way of that either.

We have had some critics of the site that say that it is because we will not reveal who's who and that identities are hidden that it has no credence within the industry. Well, that is one opinion, but it strikes us as very interesting that some that have been known to hold that opinion are also reading UKW yet do not reveal their identity.

Strange that eh? Pot. Kettle.

But in the spirit of the privacy policy adopted on the site we will not reveal those accounts, in fact we won't even tell you who they are as that choice is there's and there's alone to make.

Let's just say that there's not many manufacturers, spares suppliers, insurers or work providers within the whitegoods industry that does not have a presence on UK Whitegoods these days and leave it at that.

Once someone has signed onto the site and requested access to the trade forums we have to verify the account holders details, sorry but the trade forums are for the trade only and we have to verify the details. After that we do file the details in storage if it's an email but very, very rarely have we a call to look at them (not once yet) and if anyone asked us to do so we would refuse yet again to provide these details outside the admin team. So, yes the admin team either know or can discover who's who but no-one else can or ever will.

I hope that makes the policy as clear as possible to those that have a call to ask about it.

  Marketing Email & Calls

This is also very simple to explain.

We do not send out unsolicited emails.

We do not phone people unless it is required and understood.

We hate spam mail and calls as much as anyone and our stance is, there is no need for them. If you need us you'll get in touch and, if you don't then you don't really want your mailbox full of junk.

Here is what we send out on an automated basis:

  • Responses to enquiries placed as appropriate
  • Email updates on orders placed
  • Notification of responses/replies to forum posts that you have participated in or asked for notification of
  • We do not make calls other than when asked to do so

Like we said, simple policies.

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