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  Getting Diagnostic Help

Repairing tumble dryerMany people will find UK Whitegoods as they search the web for help or information about a fault on a domestic appliance or, looking for the meaning of a fault or error code.

The UKW site is huge, spanning thousands of pages of information to help you and, we get that can be a bit daunting and that there’s a lot of reading on here. That because stuff needs to be explained so you know what you’re doing and very importantly, you stay safe doing it.

Please take the time to read and study we’re trying to help you but we do ask that you do as much and learn as much as you can first.

While many of the major faults and a good number of fault codes are published, there are limits to just what we can do. There are tens of thousands of models from hundreds of brands making detailed step by step instructions for every fault pretty much impossible.

What you will find is generic fault finding guides designed to be used by people not familiar with the trade or diagnosing problems of appliances written in plain English, removing as much technical jargon as we can.

These guides are divided into the major categories as we look at them in the trade, which are:

Laundry Products

  • Washing Machines
  • Washer Dryers
  • Tumble Dryers
  • Dishwashers

Cooking Products

  • Built In Ovens
  • Built in Hobs (Gas/Electric/Ceramic/Induction)
  • Cookers*
  • Range Cookers*
  • Cooker Hoods
  • Microwaves

* hob advice will relate to these also

Cooling Products

  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Fridge Freezers
  • American Style Side By Side Fridge Freezers
  • Wine Coolers

Cleaning Products

  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Waste Disposal Units

On the site you will find generic fault finding advice for each of those in the Help & Advice menu above, then selecting the subcategory from the Self Repair sub menu.

  Can’t Find What You Need

Okay so, if you can’t find an answer to a problem you have or, find the information to work out the problem then it’s time to look at the options that are available.

You could pay some advice service online and, that may or may not work for you.

Or, you can use the forum on here completely free of charge and, if someone can help you or offer advice then they will do.

With the combined knowledge of about 2000 service technicians, there’s a more than good chance some of them will have see the appliance and quite probably the same problem.

Do read the article about getting the best advice in the forum though, again five minutes reading can get you a far better response and save a lot of time for you and us, it’s well worth a read.

  Why Use The Forums?

It’s really simple why we point people to the forums rather than trying to answer on a case by case, one on one basis.

Nobody knows it all.

In the forum you have an order of magnitude greater chance of reaching an expert in any one brand, product or even problem as there are scores of appliance technicians in there every single day. That means, a far greater chance of someone being able to help you with whatever question you might have.

Best of all, it’s completely free.

Unlike many other sites that will charge you for help, we don’t. The guys in the forums do it because they want to help people, not make money from providing a little assistance.

This video explains a little more:

  Don’t Want To Sign Up

Yeah we get that too, you probably think we’re going to send you emails about holidays in Barbados or try to sell you stuff you don’t want filling up your email inbox with junk.

We don’t do that. Ever.

You will get email notifications of replies after the whole signup thing is over with and, that’s it. We will not send you any other emails, ever.

And, you can turn those off should you wish.

  Spare Part Help

For help with spare parts as in, finding them and whatnot, just use the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email, the live chat or the forums.

We’ll do our level best to help you with all things spare part related.

Oh and we don't send you junk mail from there either, we hate it too, all you get is status updates on any orders, that's it.

Please do note though that the phone lines are largely for ordering only, there is no tech support on the phone, we will explain why below.

  Telephone Technical Support

Telephone support for technical problems, largely does not exist in the domestic appliance industry and if it did it surely would have a cost attached. No brand does this for free, if they do it at all.

If you’re looking for tech support over the phone, you’re probably going to be very disappointed.

The reason that there’s no phone support is back to the problem we highlighted at the very start of this article, there’s tens of thousands of products from hundreds of brands.

No one person or even a team of them could have knowledge of every one of them, it’s impossible.

How would anyone know what you’re calling for help with? How could they have squadrons of tech people standing by to offer up free advice? How could they even dream of paying for the staff to be able to provide that service?

Then there’s the issue with the time that all takes, talking someone through a fault can easily take ten or more minutes, often involve multiple calls and it just eats time. Time that busy field techs do not have to give and that nobody is paying them for.

This is why that telephone technical support in the industry more or less does not exist.

Even manufacturers or brands, if they even have a tech advisor at all, won’t normally put members of the public through to them as it just kills time that they should be spending doing well, tech support stuff.

This is why we would say your best bet, if you want support, is to use the forums.

Quick answers on the telephone you almost surely will not get.

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