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  Quick Guide To UKW

Sometimes people get bit lost on the UK Whitegoods site which, given the size of it isn’t really a shock but it’s actually as easy as we can make it to navigate about and find what you’re looking for.

The site is divided into three main sections:

  • Content and appliance industry news
  • Forums
  • Online store

So we will explain what’s where for you so it’s easy.


This is the lead URL, on which you will find all the articles, repair help, fault codes, buying advice, industry news and a bunch of other stuff to help you with appliance questions and problems.

There are thousands of articles on here that will help you, just browse about and use the menu above that will take you to all areas of the site.

There are comments that are used on most articles and pages here but you’re best not using them for technical problems, fault diagnosis or so on as the technicians won’t see your comments there, better to use the forums for that.


The heart and soul of UKW, where you can get tons of free advice and help on just about anything to do with appliances.

This bit is all user content, all driven by the great community of repairs that we have on there, we love those guys, they’re great.


This is the commercial bit of the site where we sell appliance spare parts, accessories and some other stuff.

Logins for the store are not the same as the forum for security reasons, they are totally separate.

If you need bits, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the live chat function are the best ways to go about that. Just send a note of what you need and the guys there will sort it out for you and usually, if it’s available almost anywhere, they’ll find it.

Unlike many others UKW deals with all major suppliers, many manufacturers and a whole bunch of other sources and they’re not restricted as some are. So we can offer really good deals on a lot of parts as, we can search across almost everything that’s out there, find alternatives and a whole load more tricks to get you parts as cheaply and quickly as possible.

We like to think we’re pretty good at what we do but we don’t really blow our own trumpet as it were, just look at the feedback we get.

If you can't find what you are looking for in the store it will normally be as it has never been used or requested and when that happens we will often advise people accordingly as, if a part has never been used there's a good chance that may not be the problem

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