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  Dishwasher Baskets

A typical dishwasher basket complete with wheels or runners etcThe baskets or trays in your dishwasher will ordinarily be merely wire metal affairs that are coated with a plastic type coating to protect them from the heat, water and steam inside your dishwasher and they’re pretty tough things for the most part.

Over time though they can get chipped and damaged, usually through people being a little too rough, cramming stuff in and scoring the coating or just accidental damage to them.

Trouble is, to replace them ain’t cheap.

They will invariably cost at least around about the £50 mark and upwards depending on the manufacturer and so forth. You can sometimes shave a bit off that if it’s an own label brand dishwasher but they still will not be cheap to replace.

  Unique Spare Parts

We get asked a fair bit about sourcing cheaper alternatives on this sort of part, probably due to the insane prices on some of them but the thing is, they are often unique to a range or even a set of specific models.

Get the wrong one and, it will not fit.

The basket wheels can be in different positions, the heights can alter, the size, the shape and so there are almost infinite variations on the theme but very importantly, they will normally not be able to be fitted in a machine that they were not intended for.

The short of that is, if it’s not listed as fitting the dishwasher you have the assumption has to be, it will not fit.

As ever we urge people, if you’re not sure, ask us and we will guide you.

  Repairing Dishwasher Trays

Some, if they’re chipped etc and not too bad, you can repair.

There are two ways to do this and either can be fine depending on the circumstance and the level of hassle you want with it.

The first, which is more hassle, is to use the likes of Hammerite paint and paint the basket to repair the exposed area.

This is a pain as it takes time of rsh paint to dry obviously but, it’s degree of success is variable as, the paint will not adhere well to the plastic coating so it will often flake off that and you end up ding it again, sometimes more than once as the paint falls off.

If the area you’re repairing isn’t totally clean, dry and sanded lightly with a fine grit then it’s likely to fail again.

As we said, hassle. Care is required to do this but it can be cheap, especially so if you’ve got suitable paint knocking about.

If you don’t have suitable paint kicking about you can use or you just don’t want that grief, then use Sugru that we sell in the store to repair it.

For that all you need to do is wrap Sugru round the ares, let it set, done.

We advise option two and use Sugru as it’s easier and has a far higher success rate.

  Complete Basket Assemblies

Okay as spare parts suppliers this one hacks us off as much as it does owners.

there are a number of baskets now, often from Chinese manufacturers even when they’re branded up under brands you may well know and not some Chinese brand, that will only supply the baskets complete with wheels.

You cannot buy the basket wheels separately at all!

For us, this is just crazy, completely and utterly mental.

You are forced to buy a £50+ basket to replace a stupid plastic wheel that should cost a few pounds, it’s insanity.

We have mentioned this elsewhere on the site as we’ve been seeing this more and more as cheap (<insert expletive>) dishwashers are brought in branded from China primarily and we think this sort of practice is just outrageous.

Problem is of course, but the time most people find this out, it’s too late to do much about it and no brand or manufacturer has any obligation to make any parts available so as far as we can see, there’s no legal recourse either. That’s bad.

  Ordering Basket Parts

We list the most commonly used wheels, baskets and so on in the store but if you are not sure please ask us either on email or using the live chat and we’ll hunt down what you need.

Often times dishwashers will be used by several brands so there is scope to save cash on all these parts, sometimes it’s not a lot and other times it can be very significant so, it’s worth asking us.

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