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We want to be able to help you as quickly and as accurately as possible and in order to do that we need a bit of information to locate the correct parts for you.

To find the correct Liebherr spares for your particular machine and variant please give us the full service number from the rating plate, normally found inside the fridge on the left-hand wall so that we can quickly assist you. Without the service number, it may not be possible to locate the spare part you require.

The video below shows why that is the case and why we use the service number above all others for Liebherr spares:


Once you give us that information we will find the exact replacement part or parts that you need specifically for your product. And, we can almost always find it in seconds for you as soon as we have this information.

We supply Liebherr spares this way because it is extremely easy to get it wrong if you don't follow the guidelines and, know what you are looking for as there are scores of variants and thousands of spare parts that often all look the same but, are not interchangeable.

The rating plate looks like this:

Liebherr rating plate

As you can see, just below the model information there is the Service Number, this is the important one and, the one we need to get spare parts 100% correct, 100% of the time for you.

This is really essential in making sure that you get the correct spare parts for your Liebherr fridge or freezer and is required to look up spare parts for you.

This small plate is found on the rating plate of your fridge, in the fridge section on the fridge freezer or inside your freezer and normally, in all cases, will be at the bottom on the left-hand side wall. In a fridge, it is often the case that you will have to remove the salad drawer to find the rating plate. But typical locations to find this vital information is below for all Liebherr products.


liebherr rating plate locations

Important Information

To get to the part number is the most important thing to be doing as, from that you can then cross reference, find any alternative parts and so on as well as ensuring the part you get is correct.

Keep in mind that many, many spare parts are about the same size, look the same but this does not in any way mean that you can fit any as the differences are often slight but, means that they are not interchangeable. So, following the path here from the service number and to the part number is the only way to ensure you get the correct spare part for your Liebherr appliance.

There are often scores of versions of a single part, things can change and it can be very confusing, we're here to help you through that and to prevent errors.

Guessing, using images alone and ordering because parts look like what you need, trying to measure things are by far and away the most common reasons that people get parts wrong. Please don't do this as it's hassle and cost you don't want or need, it's better to take the time and do it right the first time than try to fix it later.

All the more so as Liebherr will change some parts meaning that they may not look exactly the same as the original part so it is vital to follow the path as explained or, you run the risk of ordering incorrect parts and, we don't want that so please check and/or ask if you're even slightly unsure.

Liebherr door seal
Hello, I'm looking for spare door seal - for Liebherr fridge Model: CBNes 50670 index 20S/210 service- nr:0917249-19, Can I buy it somewhere, somehow...? I'll be Appreciate for answer.
Mike Bradbury
liebherr spares
I need a spare set of wire shelves, not the glass ones, for a Liebherr LKexv 3910. Service no 0930665-05. thankyou, Mike
There are only glass ones available for that unit, this one:

Kris Bergstrom
Parts for Liebherr Fridge
Hello, my fridge service number is 9987484-06, and I am looking for the lower door hinge and the inverter. The inverter is an Embraco, and the part number is 6145 160-00. Can you ship overseas to the US, or do I need a UK address? The fridge is located in the Caribbean.

Thanks, Kris

Martin Walmsley
Liebherr freezer

Service- 9987803-02
Need control module (PCB)
Please qoute price, including shipping to Southern Ireland


Paul Holiday
Liebherr Freezer Handle
Hi, need upper and lower parts for lid handle for my Liebheer Chest Freezer.
Model is GTS 6112, Service no 9938447-03
Serial no 81.021.812.1.
Do you have them in stock and how much?
Many thanks.

Liebherr Freezer Evap Sensor
I'm looking for Liebherr Freezer Evap Sensor for my Freezer(fridge on top and freezer at the bottom). The problem was the freezer was not defrost.
No. Service: 0916377-08

John Quarm
Liebherr Larder fridge
I am looking for spares for a Liebherr Larder Fridge model No KT1430 Index 20A/147, Service No 0902876-01, serial No 41.897.177.0
The parts required are:
Door lower bottle shelf
Door Dairy shelf assy

Hope you can help

On that cabinet those parts are as follows:

Liebherr parts
I'm looking for parts for my Liebherr SBNes 3210 Index 21 / 088
Service : 0981512-00

Thank you

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