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bosh neff siemens spare parts


Primarily Bosch Group spare parts will be fitted to three main brands that are extremely well known they are; Bosch, Neff and Siemens.

In order to correctly identify spare parts used on any products, you will need at least one key piece of information, the model number that sometimes is referred to as an ENR number.

A good example is this rating plate shown below, which also shows you the format the information will be in for virtually all Bosch Group products, it doesn't matter if they are Neff or Siemens, they all will generally follow the same format.

bosh neff siemens spare parts example model

It is important to note that for many models there can be multiple variants, often with different features, functions and spare parts just as you get with cars so this information can be absolutely essential in to ensure that you get the correct spare parts that you require.


Dishwashers are probably the easiest to find, just open the door of your dishwasher and around the edge, typically as shown below, you will find the rating plate with all the information that will be required.

bosh neff siemens spare parts example dishwasher


Washing Machine - Tumble Dryer - Washer Dryer

For washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers you can find the same information in the following locations in most instances.


bosh neff siemens spare parts example tumble dryerbosh neff siemens spare parts example washing machine


For fridges, freezers and fridge freezers the rating plate will virtually always be found inside on the left-hand inner wall. Where it is a fridge freezer, this will be in the fridge section and not the freezer.

For a freezer, only the rating plate should be in the same position.

bosh neff siemens spare parts example fridge

Built-In Ovens, Hobs & Cookers

For built-in hobs the rating plate is usually the hardest one of all to get to as it will be on the underside of the hob. This means that the drawer or often the built-in oven below will have to be removed to access the plate to get the information. Sadly this is often absolutely essential in getting the correct spare parts and there is no other way in virtually all cases.

For built-in ovens and cookers accessing the model and serial number information is far easier, you will find the rating plates as shown below in virtually all cases.

bosh neff siemens spare parts example cooker

bosh neff siemens spare parts example oven

Important Information

To get to the part number is the most important thing to be doing as, from that you can then cross reference, find any alternative parts and so on as well as ensuring the part you get is correct.

Keep in mind that many, many spare parts are about the same size, look the same but this does not in any way mean that you can fit any as the differences are often slight but, means that they are not interchangeable. So, following the path here from the full model/ENR number, serial and to the part number is the only way to ensure you get the correct spare part for your Bosch, Neff or Siemens appliance.

There are often scores of versions of a single part, things can change and it can be very confusing, we're here to help you through that and to prevent errors.

Guessing, using images alone and ordering because parts look like what you need, trying to measure things are by far and away the most common reasons that people get parts wrong. Please don't do this as it's hassle and cost you don't want or need, it's better to take the time and do it right the first time than try to fix it later.

All the more so as Bosch will change some parts meaning that they may not look exactly the same as the original part so it is vital to follow the path as explained or, you run the risk of ordering incorrect parts and, we don't want that so please check and/or ask if you're even slightly unsure.

Ray MacDonald
Seeking replacement dual circuit hot plate element
Are you able please to identify & supply a replacement dual circuit hot plate element for a NEFF ceramic hob?

Details from the model label are as follows -
Neff GmbH Twist SE1359
E-Nr. T1352N0 / 01 FD 8204 114518
220-240V~50Hz 7000W
Typ ETT737N Made in Germany

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards
Ray MacDonald

You can use this one for that:

bosch main oven
main oven heat to 180 then tips electric hbn43m55.ob fd 8609
Can you help
Bosch wis24140gb/30
Can you find me a spider for above model -everyone saying
Discontinued but surely there are parts still available somewhere? Or a inner drum with spider or whole drum
Please please find one for me

Ron Wade
NEFF Ceramic Hob element
I have a NEFF ceramic hob E-Nr T1571S0. The 1200 watt element is faulty.
Question: Is your universal 1200 W element SKU D311001 compatible?
Ron Wade

mary gavigan
The top flap has a broken attachment on the right side, purchased 2014

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