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candy spare partsCandy is a huge group in Europe these days that spans multiple brands, the most common of which to be seen in the UK are Hoover, Candy, Rosieres and Baumatic now since Candy bought that in 2013/4 but on occasion we will also see Kelvinator and Ignis.

You can get more information on Candy and all the brands that it owns from this article on the website.

Like almost all these days Candy, Hoover, Rosieres and other group products will often require not only the model number but the production code that according to Candy now is the model number as per below. The model or name on the front of the machines is, for the purpose of identifying spare parts, virtually useless.

model number

For the purposes of spare parts and, to be 100% accurate in finding them, that eight digit model number is what is required.

This from Hoover below shows where to find the rating plates very well and yes, for many built-in or integrated products the machine will need to be pulled out in order to get the information needed to locate spare parts.

hoover model numbers

Derek Carter
Hoover Wash Machine Spares
Otsein Hoover AA1100 Nextra OHNF - 6117-37 N.31000743 0619 3037 G0001 Type FCE7

I need a drum bearing replacement kit for this machine.. This bearing is slowly failing. Are you able to help me please?

Derek Carter
Hoover Wash Machine Spares
AA1100 - Nexia Model OHNF 6117 -37 N.3100074306193037

The drum bearing has failed on this machine and I require a bearing and seal replacement kit. Can you quote me a price please, also carriage costs to Almeria, Spain.

Peter Rooke
Capacitor for candy gcc 591 no-80
Hi I’m looking for a suitable capacitor for a candy gcc591nb-80, 3110056016240948 please, do you have anything suitable in stock please. Regards

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