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britannia spare partsBritannia was an independent company until 2013 when they were bought by Glen Dimplex Home Appliances (GDHA) and this means that up till 2013 most all the cookers were made by Ilve, an Italian company for Britannia and subsequently almost all are made by Bertazonni.

Cooker hoods are a bit harder but mostly they are all made by Best Cooker Hoods in Itlay.

Refrigeration by General Electric till 2013.

But a clear breakpoint for all is 2013.

Britannia Pre-2013

For cookers, we need the ART number and serial number, the serial number we can often get around but the ART is the very, very important and key information that is needed to find parts.

You will find that on the rating plate around the (usually) main oven door opening and it will look like this:

britannia old rating

The "Nr." is the ART number on some, but as you can see on this example it states clearly that the ART is JPD90BNMP, which will translate and make sense to us, perhaps not to you.

Below that is the serial number.

The model (MOD.) at the top is of little real concern as that is, as far as we can gather, the commercial reference used in-store and in literature but the rest can alter even though that stays the same and, that can mean that different "models: can be different and have different parts in them. Hence the need to use the other data points and not that one.

Anything else there is not required other than in very rare instances.

Britannia Parts Post 2013

Please find the rating plate and send us an image of it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will find the parts required as this can prove a little more complex.

For those, the model and serial number possibly more are required and for most people, it's easier to do this than mess about trying to decrypt what's on the rating plate.

Other Britannia Products

Again for most people, most of the time, getting us an image of the rating plate and letting us do our thing with that is way easier and saves a lot of your and our time.

Doing this will ultimately also prove to get faster and more accurate results 99.9% of the time.

Are They Genuine Parts?

We get asked this all the time as we are apparently so cheap, perhaps we are and maybe we should put up the prices!

The parts are clearly marked as being genuine or not on each listing if it says genuine then it is a genuine factory part. It may well not come with a britannia branded bag or their sticker but, they are pukka genuine parts nonetheless.

Let's just say, there's more than one way to skin a cat and this is a result of smart sourcing on our part and passing the savings on, which in turn has saved customers tens of thousands of pounds over the years.

Important Information

To get to the part number is the most important thing to be doing as, from that you can then cross reference, find any alternative parts and so on as well as ensuring the part you get is correct.

Keep in mind that many, many spare parts are about the same size, look the same but this does not in any way mean that you can fit any as the differences are often slight but, means that they are not interchangeable. So, following the path here from the ART and serial number and to the part number is the only way to ensure you get the correct spare part for your britannia or Ilve appliance.

There are often scores of versions of a single part, things can change and it can be very confusing, we're here to help you through that and to prevent errors.

Guessing, using images alone and ordering because parts look like what you need, trying to measure things are by far and away the most common reasons that people get parts wrong. Please don't do this as it's hassle and cost you don't want or need, it's better to take the time and do it right the first time than try to fix it later.

Phil Bowman
Britannia cooker spares
Please can you confirm part no of hotplate ignition switch for britannia S1 9TS LS also know as ILVE PD 906 MP SERIAL NO 1312AR1302

Regards Phil

thermostat required
britannia Oven Range... N.1312AR1302 2007 Mod SI.10XGC.CL.GC ART.PT100FMP 07180169
Fan oven thermostat required.

If it is the single phial one then it's this one:

If it's the dual phial one then it's this one:

Kevin Kershaw
Britannia Oven door seals
Hello I need to replace both my main and smaller oven door seals please. The model is
Nr. AR1302 2004. MOD SI-10T6-DL-S

QD1006MP 04310099

If you could provide a price for both door seals that would be good.

Many thanks


selector switches
Both oven selector switches are burnt. Please provide correct part numbers and photos for comparison with what is there so that I order the right items

Selector switches
I have 2 burnt out selector switches for replacement please
britannia SI10T6LS
Please tell me the part numbers and photos of parts to make sure the parts are right before ordering. Thank you

Neil MacIndeor
Britannia door hinges
Looking for price and availability for main over door hinges and hinge rollers for britannia Art. JPD90FNMP Serial No. 05500103

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