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whirlpool spare partsWhirlpool is the largest domestic appliance manufacturer in the world and owns many brands. Some brands and appliances you will probably know are Whirlpool products but, many you will not as in Europe they have produced appliances for a number of different brands.

What you are looking for to ensure that any spare parts are 100% correct for your appliance is the 12NC number which is as shown below:


For many, as there can be multiple variants with different features, functions and even components fitted, this can be absolutely essential to ensure that you get the correct spare parts for your particular appliance.

Just like cars, models change on production and over time with normally only minor incremental changes but some will directly affect the spare parts or components used in construction. Having this information is sometimes the only way to ensure compatibility of spare parts.

Important Information

To get to the part number is the most important thing to be doing as, from that you can then cross reference, find any alternative parts and so on as well as ensuring the part you get is correct.

Keep in mind that many, many spare parts are about the same size, look the same but this does not in any way mean that you can fit any as the differences are often slight but, means that they are not interchangeable. So, following the path here from the service number and to the part number is the only way to ensure you get the correct spare part for your Whirlpool appliance.

There are often scores of versions of a single part, things can change and it can be very confusing, we're here to help you through that and to prevent errors.

Guessing, using images alone and ordering because parts look like what you need, trying to measure things are by far and away the most common reasons that people get parts wrong. Please don't do this as it's hassle and cost you don't want or need, it's better to take the time and do it right the first time than try to fix it later.

All the more so as Whirlpool will regularly change some parts meaning that they may not look exactly the same as the original part so it is vital to follow the path as explained or, you run the risk of ordering incorrect parts and, we don't want that so please check and/or ask if you're even slightly unsure.

Whirlpool salad crisper
I am looking for a replacement to fit my tall larder fridge - ART 600/H. Service ref: 8564 600 15010 50 0045 013174
Measurements: 500mm length 200mm height 285mm depth

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