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lgFor LG domestic appliance spare parts the key thing is the model number but in a number of instances and, this is critical is the full model number from the rating plate of the appliance.

Often you will have a commercial code that is used for sales, websites and catalogues etc followed by a series of characters, that can be letters, numbers or a mix of both and those designate the variant.

This is important as you can have a commercial model that has scores of variants with different parts in them. In turn, this meaning that it can be essential information to ensure you get the correct spare part.

On occasion, serial numbers may also be required.

You can see some examples of rating plates below but they will be relatively easy to find, inside doors on washing machines and tumble dryers or inside fridges and so on but, they will almost always be easily accessible.

If that is damaged or illegible, it can be a big problem as usual.

Obsolete Parts

LG like many Asiatic producers has a nasty habit of making spare parts obsolete in what a lot of people consider to be too be too early.

For example fridge shelves after about 6-10 years will often be found to be obsolete but this is only one example.

If the machine is over 10 years old though the chances of getting parts is diminished

Rating Plate Examples

LG washing machine rating plate 1

LG washing machine rating plate 2

Important Information

To get to the part number is the most important thing to be doing as, from that you can then cross reference, find any alternative parts and so on as well as ensuring the part you get is correct.

Keep in mind that many, many spare parts are about the same size, look the same but this does not in any way mean that you can fit any as the differences are often slight but, means that they are not interchangeable. So, following the path here from the full model number, serial number and to the part number is the only way to ensure you get the correct spare part for your LG appliance.

There are often scores of versions of a single part, things can change and it can be very confusing, we're here to help you through that and to prevent errors.

Guessing, using images alone and ordering because parts look like what you need, trying to measure things are by far and away the most common reasons that people get parts wrong. Please don't do this as it's hassle and cost you don't want or need, it's better to take the time and do it right the first time than try to fix it later.

All the more so as LG will regularly change some parts meaning that they may not look exactly the same as the original part so it is vital to follow the path as explained or, you run the risk of ordering incorrect parts and, we don't want that so please check and/or ask if you're even slightly unsure.

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