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  Botlte Storage Shelf, Salad Tray, Flap, Basket And More

Those parts inside fridges and freezers that break like the bottle shelf, storage bits and bobs or basket fronts and flaps

These parts are, for us, a nightmare to try to stock and the reason is very simple, there's thousands of the things!

Different sizes, fittings, colours and goodness knows what else means that there's not a lot of commonality between the different parts. They vary from model to model, serial number to serial number and are considered to be, for the most part, cosmetic spare parts in the sense that they don't stop the fridge or freezer from actually working.

What this means that many of them, unless common, can often be a special order for a specific appliance and it is therefore important to make sure that you have all the model and serial number details from your fridge or freezer to make sure you get the correct part.

  Asking us about parts can often get you correct parts first time, options and lower prices

You can usually, in most fridges, freezers and fridge freezers find the rating plate on the inside wall of the unit, more often than not on the lower left hand side. It is worth looking for and can save you a lot of time.

  Different Spare Part Supplied

You may find when you get these parts that there are slight differences from the original. You can get colour and graphic differences where the original has been deleted and one that's slightly different but, functionally, the same is supplied.

The short of it is that most manufacturers consider this to be perfectly acceptable and, in almost every case where this happens. There will be no alternative and there's nothing that anyone can do about it.

So, for example, you can end up with one freezer flap a different colour from the original ones still in the freezer or a different coloured bottle shelf in the fridge or suchlike.

  Horrific Prices For Plastic Spares

Tell us about it!

We agree that most plastic parts like freezer drawers, basket fronts, flaps and bottle shelves etc. are ludicrous prices. Some give us a start never mind the poor person on the receiving end of the bill.

Having said that, there are some that we can and, do, play with so you get it cheaper where we can track such crossovers down. Prime examples are the lesser known brands where some will charge silly money for parts and others are perfectly reasonable, we obviously prefer the "perfectly reasonable" option.

One example, although not a plastic part is fridge hinges for some of the Smeg fridges and freezers, you can pay £56 a hinge from Smeg or, you can buy the exact same part from another supplier for £19. We obviously supply and steer people to the cheaper option.

To pick on Smeg again, the FAB fridge internal freezer door you can buy from Smeg fro about £100 or so plus VAT or, you can buy the Gorenje one that we supply for about £40.

Many plastic parts you can't escape the cost of but, some, you can save a fortune on and it's worth asking us if we know what will suit.

Kenneth Watt
That part can be seen here, item 35 on the drawing:
Hi I have an amica integrated fridge and am looking for two door storage plastic balconies.58cm fridge, code UC150.Many thanks
Spyros Kopitsis
I have a LIEBHERR Fridge, KIPve2840/24A147,Service-Nr: 0974750-01, Class SN-T and I need the plastic frame of the bottom bottle/can shelf holder (2 pieces)
Kenneth Watt
Hi Sue,You should find it on one of the inner walls on the rating plate.If that's missing or damaged you will struggle badly.
Sue gowling
Hello there,My freezer baskets have smashed and I would like to replace them but I am unable to find the serial number for my freezer would you be able to point me in the right direction so that I will be able to do so.Thank you
Kenneth Watt
Hi,The parts I think you're asking about I have emailed to you.Regards
Joshua Fitton
Hi, i have a schreiber APM6121. The handle/latch on the freezer compartement has broken and the freezer wont shut. Do you have a spare? Does it come with plastic hinges to attach it with? How much is it? Thankyou.

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