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  Ordering New Freezer Plastic Parts

Whether it is a drawer complete, drawer body, flap or cover whatever you do, do not rely on images alone to order these parts!

The reason is, that they will quite probably be incorrect if you do so as even if the "look" the same there can be subtle differences in size as well as fitting for each as each one is uniquely sized and shaped to fit certain positions.

Also, don't rely on sizes. As above, mouldings and shapes differ often to fit only one specific location so, these cannot be taken as being confirmation of suitability to fit.

All this means that these spare parts are usually not interchangeable and it is vital that you order the correct replacement for your specific model.

This information is great to confirm a part but, it should not be used to identify one.

  Plastic Freezer Parts

A plastic freezer storage drawerIn any freezer just about anything plastic can and, often does break.

Probably the number one cause of plastic freezer flaps breaking is people not defrosting the freezer often enough. Ice builds up around the mounting points of the flap, people yank on it to open it and, snap!

If you think you are getting too much of an ice build up then this article may help you determine the cause of the over-freezing.

You also get some that are fixed using small plastic clips at either side of the freezer inner that also have a tendency to break, these are usually pretty cheap just like the flaps.

All these arts in your freezer are normally pretty easy to replace as well as fairly cheap, usually. But there are some that can be horrifically expensive for what they are.

There is good and bad news here, the good news is that many are designed to break in this way (as are parts on many other appliances) as, if they were not, then there is a danger that more serious damage could be caused to the likes on the inner liner of the freezer and that, you don't want.

The other bit of good news is that a freezer flap or clip is usually a breeze to replace yourself, usually it's very evident how it's done.

Of course, the bad news is that they can be relatively easy to break. The trick to keeping a freezer flap from snapping is to pull gently on them and, if you see ice or get some resistance, then it's all too likely that it's time to defrost the freezer.

If it happens in a frost-free freezer then there is a chance that there is a problem and you have an ice build up inside. We supply almost all freezer flaps or flap clips for machines that have been sold in the UK but again, we do need the model number to make sure you get the correct spare part.

  Obsolete/Alternative Plastic Freezer Parts

When you can't get a plastic drawer, basket or drawer/basket front we'll almost invariably be asked, "Is there an alternative I can use instead?".

The short answer is, no, there isn't.

Which often leads to "What about this one that's about the same size?" Or "Is there even the same size?", and multiple variations of the same questions. Often in desperation for largely built-in or integrated units as it's a major operation to replace the cabinet.

But the problem is that these parts are very specific to that unit, they are designed, sized and moulded to fit that particular cabinet and not any other so, nothing else can be used.

When you get down to trying to use sizes, you'd be as well to pop into Ikea, a local Pound shop or whatever and pick up a storage box that's as close to the size needed as you can get because it's tantamount to the same thing. Getting one that will fit and operate as the original is, at best a one in a million shot.

We know that's not what people want to hear and many just can't believe that it's so complex but trust us, it really is that complex and possibly way more than most people might imagine.

Ordering up bits to try out is a very, very bad idea as you've practically no hope that what you order will fit unless it's specifically shaped and moulded to do so and that can prove to be a very expensive error.

  Plastic Freezer Baskets & Basket Fronts

A typical plastic freezer flap or drawer front from BekoThe basket front is the plastic panel that clips onto the front of a basket in the freezer whether the basket itself is a wire or plastic one.

It is yet another part that breaks a lot because of people being heavy handed with them and also because the baskets are often overloaded. They are however significantly cheaper to replace than a whole basket!

Most basket fronts will cost between five and fifteen pounds, for a whole freezer basket you can be looking at the best part of fifty pounds in a lot of cases. They are not cheap if you need the full freezer basket.

Again, like freezer flaps and clips, these are normally very easy to replace with little or no technical knowledge required to do so but the model number is required to make sure you get the correct replacement spare part.

For any of the spare parts mentioned in this article, they are usually unique to a range of fridges or freezers or, in some cases, only used on a few models. If you are finding it difficult to track down the spare part you need simply email us the details on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can look it up for you. We know where to look and we will almost always know if the part you need is available or not.

  Stop Parts From Breaking Again

In your freezer please try to follow these simple tips and you shouldn't have any trouble with parts breaking.

  • Don't overload the freezer baskets
  • Be gentle when pulling on baskets and flaps
  • Defrost the freezer regularly if non-frost-free
  • If you get ice build up in a frost-free machine look for other issues


Kenneth Watt
Hi,You probably won't get parts for it I'm afraid. You can try Dave on spares@ukwhiteg but I wouldn't hold out much hope as that is a Comet only brand.More info on Tecnolec is here:
christopher brain
hello.can i get a replacement freezer storage drawer for my tecnolec.fride frezzer model no TC145W-U?.if somebody could e mail me it would be much appriciated.kind regards.christopher brain.
Kenneth Watt
Hi Tony,Normally I'd as you to contact spares@ukwhiteg for spares but we had a quick look and it appears that those spare parts are now obsolete.
Tony Pickup
Could someone help me find a middle freezer drawer for an LG fridge. The model is: LG GR222SBDmany thanks,My mob no is: 07951-044836Tony

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