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  Fridge And Freezer Door Hinges

Fridge and freezer door hinges, for normal freestanding fridges, freezers and fridge freezers rarely fail nowadays, they tend to be up to the task for the most part or, they will outlast the life of the unit.

That isn’t of course to say that they don’t break as, they do, it’s just not a common problem at all.

A set of commonly used Ingol door hinges for an integrated fridge or freezerIt should be noted however that for non built in or integrated refrigeration units that the hinges are very range or model specific as they will be designed for a particular cabinet, door style or even both. It is therefore imperative that you seek these by model number only and do not try to identify the hinge you need purely based on an image because, they all look pretty much the same and yet can be completely different in size etc.

But all hinges are moving parts, that means that they will be subject to wear and tear and, they will all wear out eventually. The only thing that can be debated really is how long they might last and that will be subject to many factors.

  Integrated & Built In Door Hinges

Hinges for built in fridges and freezers however are a wholly different ball game. Especially so with what is referred to in the industry as integrated under counter fridges and freezers.

Built in or integrated fridge freezers do get failed hinges but they are not as common, there are two explanations that we can offer for this, either theses types of integrated appliance are not as common or, they are not subject to the same strains as often the same hinges are used as for under counter units.

As with most hinges however we (as usual) recommend that you change both at the same time unless there is a compelling reason not to do so because, if one’s gone the other is sure to follow, usually quite soon.

Replacing a set also saves confusion as most are set up to fit either the top left or bottom right positions or, vice versa where the door hinge will fit to the bottom left or top right. The reason for this is to allow the door to be reversed depend ending on the kitchen design or user preference. It is worth knowing this though as it is easy to order the wrong door hinge if you are not paying attention meaning the one you get will not fit and you have the hassle of exchanging it.

There's more on these hinges and the door sliders etc in this article in the self repair section

  Common Door Hinges

The most common door hinges used on built in and integrated fridges and freezers are made by either Hettich or Ingol and, whilst they are very often the same or similar even minor variations can mean that they will not fit correctly.

It is important when ordering to ensure that your model number is listed or that the hinge information is exactly the same for the replacement as is stamped on your existing broken door hinge.

If you have any doubt at all about the door hinge or hinges that you are ordering we encourage you to contact us before placing an order so that we can confirm that the door hinge being ordered is correct. It takes a few minutes but it can save a lot of time and hassle for you if you order the wrong one and we can often suggest cheaper alternatives.

  Why Door Hinges Fail

For the most part it’s down to good old wear and tear but you can do a bit to help with that.

In the field we will often see these hinges failed where there are heavy wooden decor doors installed and/or where the door is loaded up with heavy items.

Large cartons of milk, fruit juice and so on are a killer for these hinges and all the more so where there is a thick heavy wooden kitchen door on the front adding to the strain placed on the hinges. Over time all this weight takes its toll on the hinges and they will eventually fail.

Leaning on the door when it’s open will also break them quickly or, bend them then it’s just a matter of time before they snap.

And, that's important, once the hinges on your fridge or freezer get bent out of shape and do not run true, they will snap off eventually. That can be messy as well as extremely inconvienent so if they show signs of going we strongly advice that you replace them as quickly as possible.

This is also why we say to replace the pair because, once one hinge fails or starts to fail, the other one begins to take all the load placing almost double the stress on the good hinge which will kill it quickly. It is far from uncommon for the second one to be bent or broken before the one that initially caused the problem has failed.

  Cheap Door Hinges

There are a number of “copy” door hinges out there, mostly sourced in the Far East, China primarily and it would seem and they’re really not all that good.

We try to advice people to stay away from these if possible as the quality isn’t great and they do tend to be much more flimsy than the genuine Ingol or Hettich equivalents. We do stock some but we don’t really want to sell them and we warn people that, given the level of quality, we cannot guarantee these replacements and don’t be surprised if they last only a few months, especially if you load the door up with heavy items.

We can understand the attraction as they can be a lot cheaper but, in our opinion, it’s not a risk that we would advise.

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Do the hinges come with comprehensive fitting and adjusting instructions?
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