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  Returning Spare Parts

Should you buy a spare part and find that you do not need it this describes the process to return the part and the conditions under which they are accepted for return in plain English. Much of this article will also apply most any other appliance spare part supplier.

But, we are here to help you and we will help as much as we possibly can do. There are slews of advice articles on the site to help you to help yourself first though and minimise any problems that you may have with your appliances and spare parts.

  Asking us about parts can often get you correct parts the first time, options and lower prices

The overriding advice, however, is that, if you're not sure, ask us and we will do all we can to help you.

  The Basic Return Rules

We are a very customer orientated company and, as such, we like to set out the policy on returns openly and honestly up front so that you know exactly where both we and you stand on items that need to be returned.

This is the reason that this article is here, we want to be open and clear on just what our policies are but, should you have any questions or queries, please do feel free to ask us as we are more than happy to answer any concerns or comments that you may have.

Basically though, if a part hasn't been used or abused and isn't a special order that we warned you wasn't returnable, we'll normally accept the return on almost every occasion.

This is done without quibble or question and as quickly and painlessly as we can possibly do it in order to retain our reputation for outstanding customer service which we are very proud of.

  Selecting The Correct Spare Part

The first thing that is your responsibility is to select the correct spare part for your model of appliance. Please ensure that you get the model number for your appliance from the rating plate and NOT from anywhere else, including instruction books as they are more often than not wrong on receipts and instruction manuals.

Next, ensure that there are no changes and the part either fits based on serial number or that it looks to be correct.

We and any other supplier cannot be held liable for supplying spare parts based on incorrect model information that you supply.

If you are unsure by all means ask us and we will do our utmost to help you identify the correct spare part that you require.

  Diagnose The Problem Properly

Please make sure that you diagnose the problem with your appliance correctly.

Once again, if you select a spare part and you get it wrong, you can hardly hold the supplier of the part responsible for that nor can you expect the spare part supplier to shoulder any cost burden swapping it, restocking it or issuing a refund.

It is up to you to correctly diagnose the fault and buy the correct spare part.

For this we have all these articles to help you, hundreds of them, as well as help and advice in our forums and knowledgeable and experienced staff.

  Returning Spare Parts

We have a very simple returns procedure that is focussed on helping to make the process both quick and easy should you need to return a spare part.

Our policy is that, so long as the part is not a non-returnable special order which we will advise of or, the product page will state, we will accept any parts for exchange or refund that have not been fitted or that a fitting attempt has been made so long as the request is made in a reasonable time.

In other words, the part has to be returned in the condition in which it was sent. If the packaging is ruined etc. then we may not be able to accept the item for return.

Where the part is no longer required for some reason or you have chosen the wrong item we will not accept the cost of returning the item or refund the cost of sending the item to you.

Where we make an error we will fully refund any carriage costs, including costs to return the spare part, as well as the cost of the item.

We do not charge a handling fee or restocking fee like most spare part suppliers.

To request to return a spare part please contact us in the first instance on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange this. Please only use email for this as it makes the process much, much faster.

  Spare Parts That Have Been Fitted

It is very important to note that spare parts that have been fitted or an attempt to fit has been made will, generally, not be accepted for return under any circumstances. This is because, like many other goods, they are not re-sellable unless returned in the condition in which they were sent and, as such, are in many cases exempted from the Distance Selling Regulations.

It is entirely possible that accepting, for example, a PCB that has been fitted and returned could have a fault that caused damage if resold and, for that reason, they are non-returnable once fitted. Other items can carry other hazards, such as earrings, clothing and other goods can, of infection such as pumps, door seals and fridge internals.

Please consider this and make sure you select the correct part as above or that you do not attempt to fit it if it appears wrong without advice.

Please also bear in mind that we will know where an item has been fitted or an attempt to fit has been made.

  Wrong Spare Part

If you get a part and see that it will not fit for some reason STOP THERE!

DO NOT attempt to fit a part if you do not think it is right, ask us for further advice on what to do next.

The reason for this is that some parts do get modified and some do require slight modification to fit. A good example of this is oven elements, you can save a fortune buying a "compatible" element as opposed to a genuine one but, sometimes, you do need to alter things to get them to fit. We expect that anyone attempting this will have the required DIY skills to do so and, not to cause any harm.

But in every instance, if you are not sure about the spare part then ask first BEFORE risking damage to the replacement spare part or your appliance!

Should you attempt to fit a part and subsequently damage it then it is highly likely that it would not be accepted for return.

  Part Didn't Solve The Problem

This goes back to your diagnosis of the problem and why we ask that you make sure that the part you order is actually the part that you require.

It is also entirely possible that there is another component that is faulty.

A classic example of this is oven and fridge door hinges. People will often buy one (against our advice) and find that the door still doesn't sit correctly as it should. The reason is that the other hinge is also worn and needs replaced, even if it doesn't look broken.

There are other parts like this where, when replacing one part, it is highly recommended that you also replace others at the same time.

Once fitted however we cannot accept the part back unless we have advised that you attempt to fit it.

Electronic Control Units & Timers

These parts are, most often, ridiculously expensive give what they are.

They are also the most difficult to diagnose a problem with on two counts. The first is that often any failure isn't visible to the naked and untrained eye and, the second, is that where they are "blown" there may well be another faulty component that has caused it to blow.

Once again the onus is upon you to diagnose the fault and only order the controller if you are absolutely sure that is the problem as, once fitted, these are non-returnable as they cannot be resold as new items.

Hygienic Items

Items, such as fridge water filters, returned with the hygienic wrapper broken or removed (where they are used) cannot be accepted for return.

Custom Order Items

In the world of spare parts, there are a huge amount of custom order items, these are parts that very few will hold in stock due to low use, high cost or both and are only ever ordered upon request.

These can come from the manufacturer direct, the brand owner, a central distribution point and any can be located (these days) anywhere in the EU and even beyond to China, the US and more. It is therefore not practical or for most parts, economically viable to return such items and, it's unreasonable to expect that any supplier will do so.

After all, we or any other supplier have merely ordered what you requested as you required it. We cannot be expected to soak up the cost of an item that may never be sold again as you make a mistake in diagnosis or whatever items you choose to order up.

Hence we put a huge focus and advise people in the strongest possible terms to check you need what you are ordering and that it is correct before you order it as, afterward, it's very often too late.

Getting professional guidance is highly recommended as all too often, to be candid, people are trying to repair a product that they don't fully understand, in a world of parts that can be extremely confusing to those with little knowledge of it and in an industry in which they have no experience of. The potential for error is massive.

Putting the effort into research what you are ordering is both required and correct is far better than trying to fight about it afterward. And, we're happy to do that and help you, it's what we do.

Not Like Clothes

Unlike clothing and other items that can vary, spare parts are extremely precise.

What that means is that you will often have the choice of one item as a part that is suitable, perhaps a couple if there's a compatible item available but, that's it.

It's not multiple choice and it's really on you to ensure that you order the correct part for the correct model where you don't seek assistance.

You can't order up parts and try a few out to see if they fit, the industry just doesn't work like that. Nor does the spare parts industries for cars, computers, plant machinery and a whole host of others for the reasons we've outlined among others. It is simply not practical nor in most cases a reasonable expectation.

Therefore guessing that a part might fit because it looks like the thing you need is extremely ill-advised and if we're open and honest, people doing that accounts for over 95% of all return requests.

Where it's custom ordered items that you order on that basis the risk, we're sad to say, is all yours. We're happy enough to order these items for you but, only on the understanding that you won't be able to return them. Stock lines, not a problem to return as per the conditions set out.

Ordering stuff up to try then return carte blanche is, therefore, a non-starter and we strongly advise against doing so.

And we're often left wondering why people could or would possibly order up an item that's highly specialised and specific but not need it, it's not an impulse purchase at all, it's very, very specific and you often need to got to some lengths to track parts down. Yet quite often people do not ask for the free advice that is offered.

Our function is to try to prevent you from making these errors through our help and to save you money, time and hassle in doing so.


Please, we ask that you appreciate that when it comes to spare parts there are some key points that you must bear in mind:

  • Spare parts are not "consumer goods" therefore many points of legality for consumer goods, do not apply
  • There is a responsibility upon you to identify the make, model and product version of the machine you own
  • There is a responsibility on you to diagnose correctly and to order the correct spare part/s
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the parts are replaced properly and safely

Yes we know, it's blunt and to the point but, open and honest.

If you ask us, the onus is on us to identify the correct part.

If you don't and order off your own back, it's at your risk and as you can see from a plethora of articles on this site, it can be far more difficult than most people can possibly imagine and, much of the systems for finding parts are not geared to use by end users, consumers.

Even looking up parts is all too often a technical process, it is not "consumer friendly" at all, it's intended to be used by service people that are familiar with the products, protocols, and systems to find parts. Manufacturers pay lip service in some instances to use by end users but that's about the best you can hope for, they won't give guidance, they won't give instructions and they sure as shoot won't tell you how to fit parts.

Hence, not consumer goods.

Just as with repairing your own car, home and whatever else, the second that you decide to repair it yourself pretty much all the responsibility for all falls on you and you alone, from identifying the problem, the faulty part/s, locating them, ordering them, fitting them and making safe etc while you do so, it's all on you and nobody else.

The choice you have as a consumer is, take all that on and do it yourself or, pay a professional repair and they take all that one and not you.

That's a part of what you're paying for when you engage a professional repairer, it's then all their risk, not yours.

For parts, where we get it wrong (which virtually never happens) then it's on us to sort that out as that's our error. If you order items incorrectly then the cost to sort that if it's possible, is on you as that's your error.

We have no issue helping people insomuch as we can within reason to repair their own products but, candidly, some people are far better not to do so and really should get a pro repairer to do it. We have often suggested such to people where we get the vibe that they are not going to manage or, check people are ordering correct parts where we think there might be an issue.

We have no issue at all in helping people to identify correct parts, none at all.

But if you go and attempt to repair and order stuff without help then we're afraid, that was your call and you can find yourself shouldering all the responsibilities involved and, any costs as well.

We really want to help people, we truly do and every day we do just that but you should understand the responsibility you have and not make the mistakes others have, which is a good part of the point here in this section.

Why Are You Telling Me This?

We're honest and open about this stuff unlike some.

We don't want to hack off customers so telling people and them going into this with their eyes wide open and this explained in a simple and open manner means you know what you're getting yourself into the moment you pick up a screwdriver to take a part out. As at that point, a lot of the responsibility is yours, not anyone else's.

Sadly some people don't read about this in advance, try to return custom order parts and go off on one as they find out that's not possible afterward. Cue a debate and a one-star review and, if you look at our reviews you'll see this is the biggest single issue that causes such feedback.

So we don't hide from this at all and we'll even tell you openly and upfront, if you are unsure or don't want to take on this responsibility then perhaps repairing the appliance yourself really isn't such a good idea and you ought to call in a professional to do it for you.

What we can't do is force people to read the information before they order stuff up.

We'll help you as much as we possibly can via our own help and resources for parts, we provide a forum where you can ask about diagnostics and so on and there are slews of information and articles here to help you but, you have to help you as well.

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