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  Washing Machine Control Units

A typical washing machine control moduleIt is very, very common for people to get an error on their washing machine or washer dryer and to simply "assume" that the programmer or timer is faulty when, very often it isn't.

In fact, on tests that have been carried out of all returns that come back a maximum of 30% of electronic programmers have proved to actually have a fault. On higher quality washing machines that can drop to less than 10% of returned programmers or timers actually have a fault present.

The reason is very simple, people guess.

Even some engineers when faced with washing machines and little or no diagnostic information can even get it wrong. The reasons are really simple usually but generally it comes down to a failure to check things properly. The point is however that, if the professionals can get it wrong who know what they are doing and are well versed in diagnosing probelms with washing machines, what chance do you assume that a member of the public has with little knowledge, no technical or diagnostic information and often a limited degree of diagnostics skill?

It is therefore little wonder that often people will buy expensive electronic control modules only to find out that the fault lies elsewhere. It happens a lot.

  Washing Machine Diagnostics

If you have a problem with your washing machine please, please diagnose the problem properly and don't just order up parts in the hope that they will resolve your problem.

This golden rule applies all the more when your are thinking on replacing a potentially very expensive electronic component without knowing 100% that it is the problem.

Also bear in mind that most spares suppliers, once the part has been fitted, will refuse to accept it for return so you can end up with an expensive part you are stuck with and a broken washing machine. Worse, whatever caused the fault in the first place could blow the new control PCB!

It is therefore absolutely imperative that you correctly diagnose the problem before your order a new controller.

Yes, we are an appliance spares supplier but we are not in the business of withholding sound and to the point advice. We don't want our customers to feel cheated or to be buying washing machien spares that they don't need.

If you look in the self repair section of the website you will find loads of advice on how to correctly diagnose washing machine problems but as a general rule, if your washing machine displays an error or fault code, just sits flashing lights which is often also a fault code indication then the chances are that the electronic controller has detected an error somewhere and is reporting that there is a fault. It does not mean that the controller is faulty!

One thing to do is something that almost every single manufacturer will tell you to do in any technical documents or training, check all the wiring is secure and that there is a good connection to the components. 

This is even more important with low voltage components such as thermistors (temperature sensors), pressure sensors and so on as they operate by reading the resistance of the component, which in turn tells the controller what the status is. If these components to not send a correct signal back to the controller it will read an error and, in some cases, send the controller and display completely bonkers.

Soap residues, condensation, leaks, all sorts of things can send these components loopy and it is most certainly worth taking the time to look and diagnose correctly. It can be the difference between a £10 thermistor and a £100 plus programmer, so well worth the effort.

And, if you don't know or are not sure, get in a professional.

Please follow the simple tips, read the washing machine diagnostic guides and take care. We put all these things here to help you and try to save you money but, if you don't take the time to have a little knowledge about what you are doing, well, you can only really blame yourself when it all goes wrong can't you.

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