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  Oven Cooling Fan Motors

A normal tangential oven cooling fan motor

Cooling fan motors are fitted to many ovens and cookers normally at the top rear of the oven cavity and they look like a drum, tube or cylindrical type of fan. These are known as tangential fan motors and can be constructed from metal or plastics.

There are some that are a little different, flat looking types seen often on Electrolux made ovens as well but these are not as common as the tangential type. And, there are a few low voltage ones that look like computer fans but, those are not common.

What they do is draw cool air into the oven cavity from the room and blow that colder air across the top of the oven cooking area onto the front control panel and often into the door. This helps to keep the control panel, control knobs and the door cooler than would be possible where there no cooling fan.

In most instances the difference is very pronounced.

In lower cost ovens and cookers these can be omitted, they are not fitted to all models.

  What Controls The Cooling Fan Motor

The cooling fan motor can be controlled in two ways, the most common method is by what is known as a fan initiation thermostat. You can learn more about the control thermostat and the overheat in this article.

This small thermostat normally mounted on the rear or top of the oven cavity clicks closed allowing the live feed to the motor to be switched on, thereby bringing the fan motor on, when the oven hits a preset temperature. The temperature is set for that particle oven or cooker, it cannot be adjusted.

When the oven cools back down after use and the temperature drops far enough, the thermostat opens and the fan motor is switched off.

These are often on a permanent feed meaning that, even when you power off the oven or cooker that the cooling fan motor can still run for some time whilst the oven cools down. This is normal and the time that this takes will vary depending on how hot you were cooking, the ambient room temperature and so on.

The other method which is far less common and, more often found in lower cost ovens and cookers, is where the cooling fan motor is wired up with the oven switch (this can be done in various ways) and simply comes on when the oven is powered on and off when you switch it off.

  Cooling Oven Fan Motor Failure

Problems with cooling fan motors are fairly common however, it is one of the few moving parts in an oven and they will wear out over time and, they operate at a fair old speed for extended period so they’re bound to fail at some point.

A Flat type oven cooling fan motorWhen you look at a cooling fan motor, just as is the case with the oven fan motor, you’ll very often find that all they are are small induction motors that use brass or alloy bearings as that’s appropriate for the hot environment that they are in.

Over time those bearings will wear and the motor will either fail or become noisy. You can get screeching noises or jut rumbling and rattling from them but, any weird noises and chances are it’s either the fan motor for the oven or the cooling fan motor.

If you are stuck you can try to grease the bearings but this is a temporary solution at best as the heat will dry out the grease or lubricant and the fault or noise will return. In cooling fan motors this rarely works and, if it does it only lasts a short time.

If the blades are damaged then forget it, the only sensible option is to replace the motor.

  Buying a Replacement Fan Oven Motor

We’ve never seen one of these units for which you can buy parts, it’s the full motor unit or nothing at all.

The trouble with cooling fan motors is, they can be ludicrously expensive at times. Some are just stupid prices.

What the field techs do when they get this or, the original fan motor no longer available (common enough sadly) they will use an appropriate universal one in place of it. The huge benefit to that is that ordinarily the universal ones are massively cheaper to use and, just as effective.

If you are not sure what cooling fan motor to order please ask as, they all look largely the same but there can be differences and, when you ask we can point out any alternatives that may be available and suitable. With cooling fans it’s important that you get the one that will suit your oven or cooker and they can be “handed” left or right so it’s often best to check with us first.

We strongly recommend asking as, it can save you a lot of hassle and potentially a fair bit of money as well.

  Replacing An Oven Cooling Fan Motor

You will normally find the cooling fan motor for your oven at the top like thisNormally this is fairly obvious and easy for most people, the oldest part is usually getting to the fan motor in the first place.

To get to the cooling fan motor you will have to get to the the rear of the oven or cooker so, the machine has to come out to change it out. Then, back panel off and you should then see the motor though sometimes on built in ovens you can get to it by taking off the top panel.

It’s usually fairly obvious what to do.

There’s only two, maybe three electrical connections if there’s an earth tag so, wiring is not an issue and, it usually doesn’t matter what way around the live and neutral are.

Using some of the universal cooling fan motors can be a bit more involved with the mounting etc but, they can be monumentally cheaper, in some cases anything from £30 to over £100 cheaper, making looking at those very worthwhile on occasion.

Craig Bratten
cooling fan for dedeitrich range cooker
Hello - hoping you might be able to save my bacon: we\'ve recently moved in and the dedeitrcih range cooker cx4844u1, that seems to be working well in every other respect, sounds like an ill aircraft when the cooling fan kicks in. I\'ve scoured the known universe and no genuine replacement seems to exist. Could you suggest a universal replacement? The dedeitrich website shows a picture of what I think is a left hand mounted motor and states the blades are 305mm long. The conversation I had with the wife about the issue yesterday seemed to conclude with \'if we can\'t sort the cooker I need a new kitchen\', which seems a bit extreme. I\'ve replaced oven elements and fans in the past on other cookers so I\'m pretty sure I\'ll be OK but there is a gas hob - besides maybe turning the gas off and trying not cut through any pipes labeled \'gas\' is there any reason why I wouldn\'t be able to get access to the fan? Many, many thanks in advance for any help you can give. Craig
No reason you can\'t get to it, back off and you should be able to see it just fine.

You can get those fan motors even although they are obsolete officially but, that are not at all cheap with that size fan on them although you may be +/- 5mm. You are looking at about £100 or so but I guess that\'s cheaper than a new kitchen will be!

If you need one give Dave a shout on spares@ukwhiteg and he can find it for you, if he\'s any hassles he will probably ask me about it.

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