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Oven Function Switches

An oven function selector switch

The oven function switch that can also be referred to as a commutator switch or changeover switch is the small switch assembly that allows you to choose the various functions of your oven, as in all the different modes that can be used on your particular oven.

These switches vary greatly in designed and also in how that they switch to allow the various functions to operate and therefore we strongly advise that you do not rely on images when looking for a new oven switch as, even if the look the same or similar, they can be switched totally differently.

  Old Oven Switch Different

This is very, very common with oven switches for some reason, we do not understand why in many cases nor are we normally notified of any alteration.

You will see notes about this all over the site and very often on the listings themselves as well as a number of common changes in the support portal, simply because it is such a common thing to happen. Problem is, it can confuse people that are unaware or unaccustomed to how the appliance spares industry works.

Oven switches are identified by make, model and often serial numbers of production codes. The numbers of the switches themselves are most often completely useless in identification of the spare part, as they are for many.

To try to identify visually will almost inevitably lead to you getting the incorrect switch. It is highly inadvisable to look for a replacement using images alone.

This also means that images, whilst often useful in some respect to confirm a part are often of little use where the manufacturer has altered the part, changed supplier, upgraded the switch or whatever else.

We could take a photo of an oven switch today and, next week, it’s changed.

Please do note that manufacturers change parts all the time with no notice whatsoever, they will simply supply the current version of any given spare part and not inform anyone of the change other than if there is any modification to fit the replacement.

In short, very often visual identification of oven selector switches is nigh on impossible.

You are forced to trust the model, serial and part numbers alone.

  Oven Switch Wiring

Normally where there is a change to the switch the wires will be exchanged terminal number to terminal number assuming there is no wiring change chart that comes with it.

On each terminal you will see a number, often in the the format of just the digit or the likes of L2, E3 or suchlike and you need to work from the old switch when wiring to the new.

Hence the advice to take a photograph of the old switch in situ with al the wiring attached as, if you drop a wire or get confused, you can at least look back and work out where it went wrong.

You can see more on how to change an oven function selector switch in this article.

  Our Support

Normally if there is a noted change we are quite happy to supply the corresponding documentation with a new switch. Usually this isn’t needed as it will be terminal number to terminal number but there are some where the wiring is altered and you will need the information in order to replace the selector switch.

For many (but not all) we will have access to the original wiring chart or wiring schematic that we can usually get for you if it all goes a bit wrong. However we would far rather that you didn’t get into a mess in the first place, got the right switch and the correct information in order to replace it.

Sadly we cannot offer support to people that have not purchased the replacement oven switch from ourselves as we will be unaware of what has been supplied, from what source or any other pertinent information.

Graham House
oven selector switch
Please could you try to find an oven selector switch for bush range cooker , type bclu100dfb,
serial no. 155100786 . would you happen to do replacement cooker knobs , i need 11, silver or black not chrome.
Kind Regards

C Lewis
Brittania oven switch 9 function
I have a Brittania cooker that has the 9 function main oven switch.It needs replacing as if you push it or move it you can hear it arcing and then goes on and off. I cant read the plate for model or serial number. Can i send you a photo of the oven and switch so i can order one from you.It looks like the one you have circa £55 but as you say looks alone aren\'t always the case. Thanks Chris

Hi Chris,

Sure just send it to spares@ukwhiteg and we'll figure out what one you need.

dempsey robertson
part enquiry
i have a tecnik large range cooker. model number TKC 1285. i need a replacement functiion selector switch but i am unable to find a direct replacement part. could you give me some advice on what alternative part will be suitable to replace the broken one with. thanks
Hi Dempsey,

Most parts for that cooker have been obsolete for some years now, all the switches included and there are no alternatives sadly. Your only option is to replace the cooker now.

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