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We often get asked about oven doors as complete assemblies and about oven door glass panels, here we will set out some things you probably ought to know

There are other articles on oven doors, like why the glass shatters and so on as well as a couple n oven hinges, feel free to explore and learn about how it all works which is, as is the norm around here, often far from the way people think it is.

Complete Doors

oven door openVery, very few manufacturers will provide a complete oven door.

They're a pain to store, will only fit a single or perhaps a handful of models needs labour to assemble and therefore cost a fortune so, hardly any provide doors like that. Rather, it's all the constituent parts that they will provide.

For most that will be an outer door glass, inner panel, internal door glass or glasses, hinges and handle as well as screws and stuff.

Chance of a full door for most of them, nil.

If you are looking for a complete door as a part of it is obsolete, guess what? Yeah, if one part you can't get then the chances of a full door being available are less than zero.

Screws Driving You Nuts!

Oven door screws are all self-tapping screws or standard machine threads, metric here in the EU for sure and all standard thread sizes.

That's important, we'll get back to that.

In large part a lot of the screws used to hold the door together are not available as spare parts, you can get some of them for sure but often in packs and all too often as they're actually not needed that much, they'll be factory order assuming, of course, they're available at all.

That includes pretty much any of them after a few years as, the manufacturer if they're no longer using that screws that the M* thread, with a flanged head T15 won't order any as, if they do, they need to order scores of the things. If not hundreds or thousands and, they ain't gone a do that just because you need two.

So when we need them in the field we get told, ah you'll need to find a good local ironmonger and source the ones you need from there.

Why? Because, getting back to the beginning of this section, they're all standard threads and sizes so that you can get them if required, which is good if not exactly convenient for some and it will often mean find a "best match" and a bit of hacksaw work to get what you need. But the point is, it can be done without too much hassle.

If you're not comfortable with that we're sure that the manufacturer will only be too happy to send round one of their boys to do that for you and, charge you accordingly.

Unique Parts

Right so the is a thing we try to dispel daily in what we do and please, please, please take note that they are NOT ALL THE SAME!!

Not even close.

They might look alike, they may even be roughly the same size but that does not in any way, shape or form mean that they are the same!

Even one model from a brand sat next to another may not be the same, even if it looks like it. One letter or change to the model number, serial or product numbers etc can mean totally different, incompatible, parts used.

So when you go hunting parts, do not presume that one Electrolux is the same as another or a Lamona the same as the next, Ikea, Belling, Bosch, Beko or any of them as they can, will and do differ.

If they were all the same, why'd you think they've got all these boatloads of different models, just for fun? Yes, we know, brutal, harsh, condescending etc. but if it stops people making errors and saves them money, far as we're concerned, job done.

We're here to tell you the truth about this stuff, not mollycoddle you.

And with very good safety reasons as if you fit the wrong parts to a door you can make it unsafe, leak heat, increase the risk of the glass blowing and on gas ovens, the chance of the production of carbon monoxide that can kill you. So, we reckon we've got the moral high ground here in trying to ensure people get this stuff right and don't endanger themselves or others.

Yeah, a good point isn't it.

We find that maiming or even killing customers is not a good business case. ;)

What We See

You see a shiny oven door all screwed together with the bits all assembled on it.

What we see is this:

Smeg oven door blowout drawing

We have to rely on being able to identify the part you need as in, its position number and then to translate that into a spare part number, then find that for you.

As you might imagine, it's easy to go wrong if you're not quite sure of what it is you mean or need.

The point we're making being that, it's easy to get it wrong with all the model number stuff above then, you need to know the term used for the part, sometimes by the maker and they use crazy stuff as it's often translated from whatever into some rough approximation of an English language description.

Not easy and why we advise people to ask if there's even the slightest whiff of doubt. Saves you money, time and hassle aside from grief for all.

Ann Swainston
Kompact built in oven door
Please can you try and find me a replacement main oven door for a kompact 60cm built in double gas oven.
Model no. BFJL2NLiQ7
Serial no.. 111100013
Colour.. Black.

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