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Particles of matter, often looking like grit or sand and usually found in the bottom of the glass.

This is usually a loading issung and can be caused by overloading not allowing water to reach where it should do or blocking sparay arms preventing your dishwasher from cleaning properly.

This problem can also be associated with dirt or grit on dishes and is pretty much the same issue in most cases.

This is not a problem that can be solved by a service call as it is not a fault on your dishwasher

Usually the result of:

  • Improper loading of the glasses - item/s masked from the water spray
  • Glasses lying on their side
  • Spray arm obstructed
  • Too low water temperature
  • Food residue in the filters
  • Detergent underdosed
  • Blocked spray arm

Cause & Prevention


Normally this is the result of food particles being redeposited on the items during the main wash and subsequently not being removed because the water spray does not reach the soiled areas.

It is important if this problem occurs, to check that the spray arms of your dishwasher are clear, clean and can rotate freely. It may also be an indication of a problem with the main recirculation pump in some manner. Also a "not heating" fault with your dishwasher can cause this to occur.

If the filters are not clear and clean the likelihood of this problem is greatly increased.


Rewash the affected items after eliminating the cause as above.


Always follow the manufacturers recommended dosage taking into account the water hardness.

Ensure that the spray arms are clean and that no objects are obstructing them, that they freely rotate.

Ensure that the dishwasher filters are clear.

Place tall glasses halfway between the front and back of the dishwasher basket as this exposes them to the best spray pattern.



  How You Can Get Help With Dishwasher Problems

To offer support in helping people to determine the cause of dishwasher problems please use the dishwasher support forum.

It’s fast, free, easy and normally someone will pick up on the post that can assist you often with a few experts chipping in if needed. Just register if you don’t have an account, we don’t mail you, send you spam or any of that stuff.

Post up your question and give images if you possibly can and the guys in the forums will do the rest for you and try to identify the problem you have.

Cost you nothing, might save you some embarrassment or worse, a charge for a service visit that wasn’t needed.

  Photographs Of Damage

If you can post photographs of the damage or problem you are having this can be really helpful in allowing the dishwasher technicians to see what the problem is.

The guys have the knowledge to assist with most problems but the more information you give them, the better they can help you.

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