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This is a pretty common problem that dishwasher users will have and saldy one that's all too often due to loading or more commonly overloading your dishwasher.

If you pack stuff in tight, this is one of the most common problems to see with glassware and almost all owners will have done that at some point especially on the top rack, us included.

And as per the image above, it's often wine glasses that will get it the worst.

One way to avoid this (blatent plug, yes but good info) is to use a special rack for wine glasses in your dishwasher which, if your wine glasses aren't cheap may be a very good idea, we think it is for a lot of people. You can grab one of those in our store and they're not too expensive but keep your glasses good so, probably worth it to many people.

This problem is not a fault with your dishwasher and a sevice visit is not required

These types of scratch marks will normally appear at the widest part of the glass and may also appear as a ring around the circumference of the glass.

Alternatively there may be small marks where the glasses have rubbed together during normal handling or when loading the dishwasher. 

Usually the result of:

  • Allowing glasses to touch in the dishwasher
  • Careless handling when loading or unloading the dishwasher

Cause & Prevention


Mechanical scratching may be caused by general poor handling and often is, when loading and unloading the dishwasher.

The more common cause however, is allowing the glasses to touch once loaded. The water action can cause the glasses to rotate and this results in the horizontal scratch marks at the widest part of the glass.


The damage is irreversible and cannot be treated.


Ensure that glasses do not touch each other while loading and unloading your dishwasher or when in the basket.

Alternate china and glass items to reduce the risk of items rubbing together.


  How You Can Get Help With Dishwasher Problems

To offer support in helping people to determine the cause of dishwasher problems please use the dishwasher support forum.

It’s fast, free, easy and normally someone will pick up on the post that can assist you often with a few experts chipping in if needed. Just register if you don’t have an account, we don’t mail you, send you spam or any of that stuff.

Post up your question and give images if you possibly can and the guys in the forums will do the rest for you and try to identify the problem you have.

Cost you nothing, might save you some embarrassment or worse, a charge for a service visit that wasn’t needed.

  Photographs Of Damage

If you can post photographs of the damage or problem you are having this can be really helpful in allowing the dishwasher technicians to see what the problem is.

The guys have the knowledge to assist with most problems but the more information you give them, the better they can help you.

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