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A dishwasher with too much foam in it causes problems 


Foam flows through the dishwasher door seal during the wash cycle or the machine stops during the cycle. The foam cut-out or overfill sensor can be activated where fitted.

There is foam remaining in the dishwasher once the cycle is complete.

This problem is not usually caused by a fault on your dishwasher and a service visit will not cure it

Usually the result of:

  • Use of laundry or hand wash detergent
  • Excessive rinse aid present in the dishwasher after filling the rinse aid dispenser
  • Certain food soils which contain a high level of protein, for example, egg

Cause & Prevention


Oversudsing is commonly caused by the inadvertent use of laundry or hand wash (liquid soap such as Fairy liquid) detergent instead of proper dishwasher detergent.

Another cause can be spilled rinse aid whilst filling the rinse aid compartment as rinse aid causes foaming at low temperature, typically less than 40˚C.


Switch off the dishwasher as soon as foaming is observed or the machine is heard to be struggling to pump the water.

Allow the foam to settle for at least one hour, empty the machine and then perform a rinse and hold cycle to clear the suds. Ensure the use of cold water only as this will help break down the foam, using a hot wash will make the problem worse.

This may have to be repeated and, if unsuccessful you will likely require and engineer's visit.


Ensure that only dishwasher detergent is used for domestic dishwasher and NOT handwash detergent, washing up liquid, commercial dishwasher detergent or laundry detergent in particular.

Take care filling the rinse aid compartment and, if any is spilled, mop it up before using the dishwasher.

Scrape any excess egg off plates before washing.


  How You Can Get Help With Dishwasher Problems

To offer support in helping people to determine the cause of dishwasher problems please use the dishwasher support forum.

It’s fast, free, easy and normally someone will pick up on the post that can assist you often with a few experts chipping in if needed. Just register if you don’t have an account, we don’t mail you, send you spam or any of that stuff.

Post up your question and give images if you possibly can and the guys in the forums will do the rest for you and try to identify the problem you have.

Cost you nothing, might save you some embarrassment or worse, a charge for a service visit that wasn’t needed.

  Photographs Of Damage

If you can post photographs of the damage or problem you are having this can be really helpful in allowing the dishwasher technicians to see what the problem is.

The guys have the knowledge to assist with most problems but the more information you give them, the better they can help you.

I\'m having same issue, tried already several loads but still plenty of foam. i have also removed the drain hose pipe and let it discharge in a bucket, the dishwasher drained out a lot of foam, this on prewash so water was cold but still foam everywhere inside the loading area...
Pauline Mortensen
Suds in dishwasher
I am having a continual problem with suds in my SMEG dishwasher. I have tried running it with vinegar or salt without any added detergent but still the suds remain. I have run about 12 cycles but still the problem remains. The rinse aid compartment is now empty but do not know what is causing the problem. I had a repairman come no have a look but he said it was the pump that was the problem. However, I am concerned that that may not be the problem as the dishwasher drains.
Forget the old wives tales about salt and vinegar. confused

Get a decent dishwasher cleaner, we sell the Affresh one or look in the local supermarket for Finish cleaner and run that through on a full hot wash and see if it solves it before you go any further.

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