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Small tears and holes in laundry washed in a washing machine


Small holes, rips and tears in fabrics.

This problem can manifest itself in a number of different ways but the most common complaint is of small or tiny holes appearing in some items. Most commonly this will be seen in light "summer" type wear or suchlike but not exclusively and, in almost all cases there will be no fault found with the washing machine or washer dryer.

You can feel around the inside of the drum for any obvious cause but the only thing that can cause this is the likes of a bra wire caught inside the machine which will require to be removed. Please note that this may not be covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

If no obvious cause can be found then the most common reasons are listed below however we have written extensively on this subject across two articles on the mechanical causes of holes in clothes, what can cause small rips, tears and holes to appear due to your washing machine having a fault. And, we have written in depth about the much, much more common reasons that will cause holes in your clothing and laundry here.



Cause & Prevention


The holes are in just one part of the garment


The damage may be due to bleach usage. Alternatively, if the holes are on areas like cuffs, collars, waistbands and seams, it could be a case of normal wear and tear.


Only certain garments are being torn, often light cotton or cotton mix items. This can be due to the quality of the garments and/or them not being able to endure the wash cycle being used or spin setting.


Follow care labels.


Garments are regularly being torn


Check the washing machine for coarse edges. Also note whether there is excessive space between the drum and the door gasket where the clothes could become trapped and torn during the spin.

Check loading and ensure that the washing machine is not overloaded.


Insufficient care being taken when placing the laundry into the washing machine


If garments have small tears, they should be mended before being put into a washing machine to avoid the risk of the tears becoming larger.

Laundry should be sorted carefully and washed on an appropriate cycle as stated on the fabric care label - e.g. delicate garments should not be washed on a main wash cycle.


Open zips, bra catches, underwired bras may damage other garments washed with them


Fasten zips before washing, wash other potential problem garments separately or in a wash bag.


  How You Can Get Help With Laundry Problems

To offer support in helping people to determine the cause of laundry problems please use the washing machine support forum.

It’s fast, free, easy and normally someone will pick up on the post that can assist you often with a few experts chipping in if needed. Just register if you don’t have ab account, we don’t mail you, send you spam or any of that stuff.

Post up your question and give images if you possibly can and the guys in the forums will do the rest for you and try to identify the problem you have.

Cost you nothing, might save you some embarrassment or worse, a charge for a service visit that wasn’t needed.

  Photographs Of Damage

If you can post photographs of the damage or problem you are having this can be really helpful in allowing the technicians to see what the problem is.

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