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Cookhood filter
Metal filter for Lemoa HJA2600
Andrew Martin
Beko Dishwasher DSFN 1534 W
Power button is stuck and the front lights are not coming on , all the rest of the lights on the top of the door are fine , what do i need to replace ? Thanks
H Amis
compressor starter overload unit
I\'m looking for a spare
70W 0.1hp fridge compressor starter overload unit

Thank you

My detergent dispenser door is not opening. It will not even Spring open when we press the integral white coloured button. This appears to be the same grey coloured dispenser as was in our previous excellent Bosch dishwasher which has been sent to recycling a few days ago
looking for pair hinges for IGNIS ARL100-1C B/UNDER INT LARDER
FD 9004000293 ER 921901560

Hi Gordon,

ARL100 ones are:

The details on the Siemens seems to be invalid although I can\'t fathom why. If you can email a photo of the rating plate to spaeres@ukwhite I\'m sure we\'ll work it out for you though.

Roland Mitchell
Machine wont start
I have a WFF 2001 Automatic washer Of which I\'d hate to Throw it out onto the Scrap Heap: There is a Fault with the Start up Program. The Spin Rinse works and empties when I Put the Setting to Spin the Drum but when I Try to Program it for either short wash or a Full wash: when I Press the Start Button The Light comes on as if to Get ready to Start the Process of starting up But when the Light Comes on there is a Rapid Clicking sound that Simply Clicks without ceasing until I Press the off Button: Can anyone Advise Me on what if anything I can do to put this Machine Back in working order: would it be that I Need to replace the Mother Board

You would be better to ask that in the forums where the guys that work on the machines will see this.
Roland Mitchell
Error Code
Hi there I have a Aquarious Hotpoint FDF 780 Dishwasher there is what I believe is an Error Code that Flashes on the small screen It has A-6 code When first switched on and Hot water come through the Pipe into the Machine; there is an interval of a few Minutes before the Machine starts up and starts to rotate the Get wash. then five Minuets later Hot water is pumped out at speed where I suppose there is still water left within the Machine: there is a Timer that reduces the time of shutting down But shortly after there is a an error code that shows up where it continues to Flash and then it is then that the Machine refuses to complete its cycle Now let Me say I have no idea what the Problem is and as I did not buy this Machine It was a throw away of which Is going to be recycled (that\'s if I can do the Job Myself ) The thing is I have the Machine connected to the Hot water supply should it be a cold water fill where machine should heat up it\'s own water from start to finish If you have any ideas to why it almost finishes its cycle then has the Error code show up please Let me Know
Hi Roland,

You would really need to use the forums to get help with that.

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